Saturday, September 01, 2007

Milwaukee's Holy Cross Cemetery - Resting place for over 1,000 aborted babies

grave marker
H/T to Sunny of Faith and Country

The first group of aborted babies who were buried at Holy Cross came from a 1984 incident in Milwaukee. A driver for a local laboratory, making rounds at a number of medical clinics and offices, picked up at one of her stops - a Milwaukee abortion mill - the bodies of aborted babies to be taken to the laboratory apparently for analysis and disposal.
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Tracy said...

That is so sad yet a beautiful tribute to the poor little souls.

Alexandra said...

What a horrendous story, but how wonderful that the church stepped up to honor their short lives. We are sick society to allow this.

Alexandra said...

I forgot to add, but we had a huge news event here in Virginia when dozens of dogs where found in a dumpster. Ironically, it was a PETA employee who had euthanized the unadoptable pets, but it got a lot of press. I wonder if the dead babies in the dumpster got much press.

EC Gefroh said...

It is tragic Tracy.

Alexandra, Michelle Malkin exposed PETA's hypocrisy when she wrote just how many animals they kill. I stopped volunteering for a bird haven because I got the impression (and I may be wrong) that most of their energy goes to saving these babies birds but I wondered about how they would really feel about the unborn human babies.