Friday, July 13, 2012

"The Many Disguises of Satan"

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It would be easy if Satan came as he is often portrayed, with horns and a pitchfork. We would naturally flee this ugliness.
Alas, he often comes cloaked in beauty, in sheep’s clothing:
He claims to offer us freedom and autonomy from an unreasonable God and Church, liberation from rules and being “told what to do.”

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Catholic Fiction at its Best

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For a while I saw the name of Ellen Gable Hrkach just about everywhere on the social networking sites. She is a Catholic fiction writer who also blogs at Plot, Line and Sinker. As a lover of entertaining fiction, that fact not only caught my attention but I couldn't resist reading her books. Since that time, I have read three of Mrs. Hrkach's books and loved each and every one of them.

The first one I read was Stealing Jenny. The book was so intriguing that I think I read it in about a day or so. I was happy to read a good suspense story with a strong pro-life message.

The second book I read was a sweet coming of age book entitled Emily's Hope. This book was very different than Stealing Jenny but was just as interesting. I must admit the book reminded me of one of my favorite nieces so I was endeared to it. The story of main character Emily's maturity is very well written. Again, I enjoyed the Catholic pro-life message throughout the novel.

The third book I had the pleasure of reading was a period piece entitled In Name Only. What a story! It had an interesting little twist that I had not expected! What a love story!

For a more detailed description of these beautiful novels click Picture Source above.

All three books are available on Amazon in both book form and Kindle.

I can now add Ellen Gable Hrkach to my list of favorite fiction writers, right there next to Mary Higgins Clark.