Saturday, October 03, 2020

Book Review - The TimeOut Papers, by Sally E. Follett, Sophia Institute Press, 2020

 Reviewed by Rosa M. Sautner - Catholic homeschooling mom of two.

When I first read the title of The TimeOut Papers, I thought, what an interesting title for a book!  Now that I have read it, I thought, what an inspired idea, why didn't I think of that!

    Sally E. Follett, has done us all a favor and has put together a spiral bound book filled with copywork "papers"  that address each particular fault or infraction a child may commit. 

    The first section of the book is entitled, TimeOut to Teach and it addresses the faults committed by younger children.  Some of the pages include, Pouting, Whining, Calling Names, Slamming the Door, Feeling Mad or Bitter, Gossiping, Being Late, Being Lazy, Boasting, Lacking Gratitude, and many more.  On each "paper" that focuses on a fault, there is a gentle lesson on the correction of that fault, a short heart-felt prayer, and a Scripture quote.  These are to be read to very young children, with them repeating each line, or given to a good reader to read for himself.  Sally states that if an older child who knows better commits one of these faults, they are to copy the whole page, except for the Scripture quote.

    The second part of the book, TimeOut to Write, deals with sins or faults committed by older children.  Some of TimeOut Papers for the older children include, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Teasing, Bullying, Swearing, Not Keeping My Word, and many others.  Since these are faults usually committed by older children, they are to write out the Paper to help the lesson sink in more effectively.

    A fault that is quite common in the best of homes is complaining about going to Church.  Sally's TimeOut Paper for this fault is:  "We must keep holy the Lord's Day; that is one of God's commandments.  We go to God's house on earth to worship Him and receive the life of Jesus in the breaking of the bread."  The TimeOut copywork concludes with this short and encouraging prayer:  "Dear God, I want to stay in communion with you!  Help me go to church joyfully, to show you that I'm happy to be Your child." 

    When raising children we often wonder, "Why can't they just obey, why can't they learn from their mistakes!"  As Sally says in the Note from the Author, "In speaking of the Gentiles in his letter to the Romans, Saint Paul explains why mercy and gentleness are encouraged in using the The TimeOut Papers, for he teaches, '...For God has consigned all men to disobedience, that he may have mercy upon all.' (11:30-31)"

    This is really a very practical way of raising virtuous children.  The habit of identifying the fault committed, repeating out loud the reason it is wrong and how to do better, and a prayer for help in improving, as well as writing out these papers will surely instill in a child a willingness to do better.  This is a highly recommended resource for all parents.