Saturday, June 16, 2012

Immaculate Heart of Mary

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To the Blessed Virgin Mary

My Queen,
my Mother!
I give myself entirely to thee;
and to show my devotion to thee
I consecrate to thee this day
my eyes,
my ears,
my mouth,
my heart,
my whole being,
without reserve.
Wherefore, good Mother,
as I am thine own,
keep me,
guard me,
as thy property and possession.

Source:  General Catholic Devotions by Bonaventure Hammer

Friday, June 15, 2012

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I consecrate myself to Your Most Sacred Heart.
Take possession of my whole being;
transform me into Yourself.
Make my hands Your hands,
my feet Your feet,
my heart Your heart.
Let me see with Your eyes,
listen with Your ears,
speak with Your lips,
love with Your heart,
understand with Your mind,
serve with Your will,
and be dedicated with my whole being.
Make me Your other Self.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
send me Your Holy Spirit to each me to love You
and to live through You,
with You, in You and for You.

Come, Holy Spirit,
make my body Your temple.
Come, and abide with me forever.
Give me the deepest love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
in order to serve Him with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength.
Take possession of all my faculties of body and soul.
Regulate all my passions:  feelings and emotions.
Take possession of my intellect,
understanding, and will, my memory and imagination.
O Holy Spirit of Love,
give me an abundance of Your efficacious graces.
Give me the fullness of all the virtues;
enrich my faith,
strength my hope,
increase my trust,
and inflame my love.
Give me the fullness of Your sevenfold gifts, fruits and beatitudes.
Most Holy Trinity,
make my soul Your sanctuary.

"This devotion (to the Sacred Heart of Jesus) the highest act of Religion.

It demands the full and absolute determination of surrendering and consecrating oneself to the love of the Divine Redeemer.  The wounded Heart of the Savior is the living sign and symbol of that love...

Devotion tot he Most Sacred heart is so important that it may be considered, as far as practice is concerned, the perfect profession of the Christian Religion." - Pius XII May 15, 1956

Encyclical: Haurietis Aquas

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

St. Anthony of Padua

This morning we had the privilege of venerating the relic of St. Anthony as it placed on the altar during Mass.  Father R. gave a lively homily on his favorite saint.  He talked to us about curious ways Catholics have of asking for St. Anthony's intercession.  It seems that some Catholics, (and I won't mention what country) looking for a spouse turn to St. Anthony.  Specifically, they turn the statue of St. Anthony upside down until he answers their prayers.  Another way St. Anthony, the finder of lost things is used is for finding a parking space.  I am sure just about all of us have asked St. Anthony to intercede for us when we lose something.  I often ask him to intercede for family members and friends to find their way back home to the Catholic Church.  He is also one of the patron saints on the  Prayers for Our Pets blog. Father R.enjoined us this morning to ask St. Anthony to help us find peace in our hearts when we are troubled.

Devotion to St. Anthony has always been big in our family.  My grandmother, who would have been 99 today was born on his feast day.  She had a huge affection for this dear saint.  She learned it from her mother, my great-grandmother.

Happy Feast of St. Anthony!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feast of Corpus Christi

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 "O my beloved Jesus, since Thou wilt feed me this morning with Thine own blood in the Holy Communion, it is but reasonable that I should willingly renounce all the delights and pleasures which the world might give me.Yes, I give them all up; I protest that I choose rather to suffer all evils united to Thee, than to enjoy all the goods of the world away from Thee.  It is sufficient happiness enough for me, to please Thee, who art worthy of all we can do to please Thee.  I will say then with St. Ignatius of Loyola, ' give me I pray Thee , but Thy love and Thy grace; that is sufficient for me and I am contented....'"

St. Alphonsus de Liguori - The Holy Eucharist