Friday, May 10, 2019

EWTN To Launch African News Agency

EWTN To Launch African News Agency
Irondale, AL (EWTN) – EWTN Global Catholic Network announced May 10 that it will launch a news service for the African continent.  ACI-Africa will be a Nairobi, Kenya-based Catholic news agency, which will publish content in English, French and Portuguese. EWTN Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael P. Warsaw formally introduced the project during an event at EWTN’s Vatican bureau. The news agency will officially begin operations on August 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption, the same date on which EWTN Founder Mother Angelica launched EWTN in 1981.

Father Don Bosco FINAL.jpg“I am pleased to announce that EWTN will soon be launching a news agency which will cover the Church across the continent of Africa,” Warsaw said. “The Church in Africa is vibrant and continues to see exponential growth.  My hope is that this new service from EWTN will help continue to build up the African Church and also ensure that the voice of the African Church is heard more clearly around the world with content that is shared through EWTN’s other news platforms.”

The Association for Catholic Information in Africa (ACI-Africa) will be headed by Father Don Bosco Onyalla, a priest of the Diocese of Rumbek in South Sudan. He is a journalist who established and previously oversaw the Catholic News Agency For Africa (CANAA), a project of the African bishops conference since May 2013. Onyalla’s work has included producing websites, newsletters and social media updates for the bishops, as well as working with diocesan, national and regional episcopal communication directors throughout Africa.  He speaks English, French, and Swahili, as well as the local languages of Luhya and Dinka.

“I look forward to interacting with fellow Catholic journalists under the EWTN umbrella, to facilitating the telling of Africa’s story by Africans, and to the challenges involved in setting up a news agency in the vast and multi-cultural context that is Africa,” Onyalla said.

ACI-Africa will be a part the ACI Group which was acquired by EWTN in 2014 and includes ACI Prensa, the world’s largest Spanish-language Catholic news organization with headquarters in Lima, Peru; ACI Digital, the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based news organization, which serves the Portuguese-speaking world; and ACI Stampa, the Italian-language news organization based in Rome. ACI Group is part of the larger EWTN News, Inc. division, which also includes Denver-based Catholic News Agency (CNA), the German language news service, CNA Deutsch, and several other Catholic news outlets.

“We were honored to welcome Vatican officials, journalists, and distinguished guests to our event announcing the birth of ACI-Africa,” said Alejandro Bermudez, Executive Director of the ACI Group.  “This new Agency aimed at covering all Africa for Africa and the world is an expression of the growing role African Catholicism is having in the universal Church. This is a significant step forward for the ACI Group as well as for the larger EWTN News family.”

The launch of ACI-Africa is the latest development in EWTN’s efforts to continue to expand its news presence in the global Catholic digital and multimedia marketplace. In 2013, the Network launched “EWTN News Nightly,” a daily news program from Washington, D.C. covering news and world events from a Catholic perspective. In 2011, EWTN acquired “The National Catholic Register,” the leading Catholic newspaper in the United States. In addition, EWTN’s radio and digital media services have greatly expanded their news content in recent years.

EWTN Global Catholic Network, in its 38th year, is the largest religious media network in the world. EWTN’s 11 global TV channels are broadcast in multiple languages 24 hours a day, seven days a week to over 300 million television households in more than 145 countries and territories. EWTN platforms also include radio services transmitted through SIRIUS/XM, iHeart Radio, and over 500 domestic and international AM & FM radio affiliates; a worldwide shortwave radio service; one of the largest Catholic websites in the U.S.; electronic and print news services, including Catholic News Agency, “The National Catholic Register” newspaper, and several global news wire services; as well as EWTN Publishing, its book publishing division.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Review -Me & My House - Catholic Parenting Course Videos

by Patrick Sullivan - Evango

Patrick Sullivan has put together an excellent resource for parents in his new parenting video series entitled, "Me & My House."   While I am not a new parent, my twin girls are now age 10, I learned a great deal from watching his videos.

Patrick takes you on a step-by-step path on how to bring up children who are affectionate, loving, and desirous of having a deep relationship with their parents and above all with God.

The videos are divided into four modules:

  1. Parenting in God's Plan - He explores the foundations of Catholic parenting.
  2. Habits in Parenting - He discusses good and bad practices in parenting.
  3. Do's and Don'ts of Parenting - He explains good discipline techniques, what works and what doesn't work.
  4. Parenting Them in the Faith -  He gives good suggestions of things you can do to raise children who will find joy in their faith.

These videos are very practical.  Patrick gradually introduces ways to help you implement solid, Catholic teaching in your home, in raising your children, and in relating to your spouse.  

One of the biggest impacts of the videos is the example of Patrick's children themselves.  Whenever they appear in the videos they seem very gentle, sweet, and well-mannered.  Patrick relates one story where he is looking all over for his son one day, only to find him hiding under the covers on his bed saying a Rosary!  This dear man surely knows what he is talking about if his little boy can do something like that.

One of the best features of these videos is Patrick's calm, soft-spoken demeanor.  I was very relaxed each time I watched and that was a big plus!

This is really a worthwhile series for all Catholic parents.  There is always something we can learn to help our children grow up to be loving, respectful children who love God.  Patrick Sullivan has put together a functional, Catholic guide to parenting.  I truly enjoyed watching the videos.   I am sure all parents will greatly benefit from the wisdom and practical advice they will receive from watching the "Me & My House" Catholic Parenting course.

For our readers we have a the discount code for $15 off the purchase price, and the code is JOSEPH. Click HERE for more details.

 Reviewed by Rosa Sautner, Catholic homeschooling mom of 2.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

ACN News -Papal video for March focuses on persecuted Christians around the world

THE MARCH EDITION of a monthly papal video calls attention to the plight of persecuted Christians who live in countries that do not guarantee religious freedom and respect for human rights. The video was produced by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network in collaboration with Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).

This year began with an attack carried during Mass on the Mount Carmel Cathedral in Jolo, the Philippines; 23 people were killed. Around the world in 2018, 40 missionaries were murdered, and 35 of these were priests. Two priests were massacred in late November together with some 80 Christians in a refugee camp in Alindao in the Central African Republic.

There are thousands of cases of persecution and discrimination that go unnoticed because they are not reported by the media.

In the video, Pope Francis says: “We find it difficult to believe, but there are more martyrs today than there were in the early centuries;” [they suffer] because they speak the truth and proclaim Jesus Christ,” even “in countries in which freedom and human rights are protected in theory, on paper.”

According to ACN’s 2018 Religious Freedom in the World Report, Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world. This fundamental human right to freedom of belief is severely threatened in 38 countries.

“This prayer intention of the Holy Father is quite significant for the Christian community. Praying for our persecuted and discriminated brothers and sisters is one of the pillars of ACN.”

“We support this prayer intention of the Holy Father with great joy and gratitude,” said ACN’s Executive President Thomas Heine-Geldern.

With picture for March papal video (© ACN)

Editor’s Notes:

kin-logo red 10mm rgb

Directly under the Holy Father, Aid to the Church in Need supports the faithful wherever they are persecuted, oppressed or in pastoral need.  ACN is a Catholic charity - helping to bring Christ to the world through prayer, information and action.

Founded in 1947 by Father Werenfried van Straaten, whom Pope John Paul II named “An Outstanding Apostle of Charity,” the organization is now at work in over 145 countries throughout the world.

The charity undertakes thousands of projects every year including providing transport for clergy and lay Church workers, construction of church buildings, funding for priests and nuns and help to train seminarians. Since the initiative’s launch in 1979, 43 million Aid to the Church in Need Child’s Bibles have been distributed worldwide.

For more information contact Michael Varenne at or call 718-609-0939 or fax 718-609-0938. Aid to the Church in Need, 725 Leonard Street, PO Box 220384, Brooklyn, NY 11222-0384.

The Golden Rules of Detachment by St. John of the Cross

The soul must always be inclined to:

-  not to the easiest thing, but the hardest;

-  not to the tastiest thing, but the most insipid;

-  not to t he thing that gives the greatest pleasure, but to those that give the least;

-  not to restful things, but to the painful ones;

-  not to consolation, but desolation;

- not to more, but to less;

- not to the highest and dearest, but to the lowest and most despised;

-  not to desire for something but to have no desires.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Saint Pope John Paul II Message for Lent


You ask: “What has happened to Lent?”. Going to some small extent without food does not, you think, mean much, at a time when so many of our brothers and sisters are victims of war of disasters and are undergoing such suffering, both physically and morally.
Fasting concerns personal asceticism, which is always necessary; but the Church asks the baptized to mark this liturgical season in yet another way...
Read the rest HERE.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Lent - Unmortified Habitual Inperfections

"The smallest imperfection is opposed to the will of God because Go cannot desire the slightest imperfection."
- St. John of the Cross

Examples of unmortified habitual imperfections:

1.  Talking too much;
2.  Unrestrained curiosity;
3.  Attachments to the little things whether persons or objects such as food and so forth which the soul refuses to give up;
4.  Attachment to one's comfort;
5.  Attachment to one's own opinion and reputation.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Lent - Jesus' Words to St. Faustina Regarding Sanctification and Salvation

Jesus told Sr. Faustina during His retreat that her sanctification and salvation was assured and available through the sacraments, especially Holy Eucharist and Confession and by:

1.  Totally abandoning herself to His will;
2.  Putting her self-love in the last place;
3.  Shunning gossip like the plague;
4.  Acting kindly to those who sought her harm;
5.  Hiding in His heart whenever confronted by temptation and discouragement;
6.  Trusting He is always with her;
7.  Praying for the sick and the dying;
8.  Always being adorned by the virtue of humility, purity of intention and love.

This is also true for us.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Lenten Meatless Recipe - Fried Fish Dinner Peruvian Style

FRIED FISH for 4 Servings

1 large piece of firm fleshed fish per person (such as Mahi Mahi as in the photo above)
Salt and pepper to taste (approximately 1/4 to 1/2 tsp salt, two grinds of fresh pepper; optional garlic powder)
1/2 cup white flour
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rinse fresh fish an pat dry with paper towel.  Mix white flour in a shallow pan or dish with salt and pepper.
Heat your frying pan and add enough oil to lightly cover bottom.  Make sure to lower heat if the oil starts to smoke.
Coat the fish pieces with the flavored flour and place in hot pan.
Fry until both sides are crispy and brown.  Be careful not to burn the coating.


2 cup white long grain rice (or Medium grain) and rinsed and drained
3 cups boiling water
1/2 teaspoon salt optional
1 tablespoon oil optional
2 or 3 large cloves of rice, minced

Heat a saucepan, add the oil and garlic. Brown the garlic, being careful not to burn it.  Add the rice and salt and stir until rice is coating and glistening with the oil.  Add the boiling water.  Lower the heat to simmer and cover.  The rice is ready when the water is absorbed and it usually takes approximately 20 minutes. 


1 large ripe tomato, cut into small cubes
1 medium onion, preferably sweet, sliced thinly.
1 half of a juicy lime or lemon
Parsley, optional

Mix all ingredients together.

PAPAS CON AJI (Potatoes and chili peppers)

1 boiled Yukon Gold potato per person
1 bunch fresh basil, processed in a food processor
1 large scallion (green onion), sliced thinly
1/2 tsp Aji Amarillo paste (Peruvian yellow chili paste),
-or- 1 fresh Jalapeno, seeded and sliced thinly
Drizzle of oil (Olive oil or vegetable oil)
Salt to taste
Cottage cheese or Queso Fresco, Optional

Mix all ingredients and serve on the peeled boiled potato. 

Serve with Peruvian Chica Morado like in the photo

CHICA MORADA (Peruvian Purple Corn Drink)

3 or 4 Purple corn on the cobs
Peelings and core from a fresh pineapple
5 dried cloves
1 cinnamon stick
3 quarts water

Boil all ingredients for an hour.  Let cool and strain.  Mix the mixture with lemon juice and sugar to taste.

Serve cold.

Ash Wednesday - How to Grow Spiritually this Lent via the Saints and Holy People

The following are from a couple of sources and are shared as a way of helping you become holier.

"O Holy Spirit, 
quench my thirst at the torrent of Your delights,
so that I will no longer wish to taste the poisonous delights of the world."
St. Augustine


"Jesus Christ was the only man ever born into the world in order to die."
Father Andrew Apostoli about Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen's quote


Precious Blood wash over me and protect me from the wickedness and snares of the devil.


"...teach me how to nourish my prayers to be really like Yours, by true, generous sacrifice-
renouncing some well-earned repose, detaching myself from creatures, being silent and 
interiorly recollected.  Grant that I may be faithful in performing my duties, that I may
prove my love by little voluntary mortifications, and may joyfully accept Your will in
all circumstances of my life."
Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D**


"Anything that does not contribute to our sanctification or to the sanctification of
others is useless, a waste of time, and should be courageously eliminated."
Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.


"I do nothing by myself, I act according to God's inspiration, in order to do
what is most pleasing to Him."
Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.


"I beseech You, Lord, grant me that grace without which I shall never be at
peace with my neighbor, but will every be prompt to take offense.  
It would be far better for me to correct my own faults than to criticize the actions
of others!
If I expect others to bear with my defects, I must likewise bear with them."
Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.


"Let us consider nothing too difficult when it is a question of winning souls."
Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.


I promise to declare a merciless war against myself.  My weapons for the battle will be prayer, the practice of the presence of God, and silence... I will arm myself with sovereign confidence in
You; with patience, humility, conformity of Your Divine Will, and supreme diligence..."
Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.


"One single, unmortified appetite is sufficient to fetter the soul."
St. John of the Cross


"Renounce everything, be detached from everything."
St. John of the Cross


**Divine Intimacy: Meditations on the Interior Life for Every Day of the Liturgical Year