Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Book Review -How the Angels Got Their Wings, by Anthony DeStefano

Illustrated by Antonio Javier Caparo, Sophia Institute Press, 2022.

Reviewed by Rosa Sautner, Catholic homeschooling mom of two.

This is another of Anthony DeStefano's beautiful picture books for children.  In this story, he tells how the angels were created, how some of them fell, and how God in His goodness gave each of us a Guardian Angel.

Whenever I see a book about angels I am always concerned that the illustrator should correctly depict them.  Angels do not have bodies, so what is the correct representation of them?  Well, each time angels appear in Sacred Scripture they appear as strong young men.

Happily, that is how the Antonio Javier Caparo represented them in this lovely picture book.  The angels are depicted as young men and many of them in battle uniforms.  They look strong and handsome.

Anthony DeStefano's easy rhymes will help younger children appreciate the story of the angels.  It will also give them an awe for these holy beings that God in His Goodness and Wisdom has given to each one of us to be our helper and guide on our journey to Heaven.

This beautifully illustrated book is highly recommended as a gift for children on the Feast of the Guardian Angels (October 2), or the Feast of the Archangels (September 29), or any child's birthday.