Saturday, September 12, 2015

Messages from Our Lady of Fatima

We will be sharing the message on Fatima in a format that can be pinned on Pinterest or shared on social networks.  Our Lady's message has never been more urgent.  Please help us to save souls by sharing Our Lady's messages. 

Originally posted to World Apostolate of Fatima - Diocese of Honolulu Blog

The Most Holy Name of Mary

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Mary was a common name among the Hebrews because it recalled the memory of Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron. For this reason some scholars think this name is related to an old Egyptian word meaning beloved. This understanding certainly fits Mary of Nazareth. She was so beloved by God that she was always in the right relationship with Him. Out of love God chose her to be the mother of Jesus. Love is about the whole person, the entirety of her being, one whose very name is beautiful.

 Every September 12 we honor the Holy Name of Mary in our liturgical calendar. St. Bonaventure prayed, “Your name, Mary, cannot be spoken devoutly without bringing with it some grace." We honor Mary’s name because it is a sacrament of the person. To know Mary’s name is to know her. To speak her name with reverence is to be familiar with her who was most familiar with God. In some Asian countries she is known by names that mean one who hears our cries.

May we always honor the name of Jesus’ mother and our spiritual mother. When in need, call on Mary.

 -- Brother John M. Samaha, S.M.