Monday, December 30, 2019

Book Review -The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted - Author Anthony DeStefano

The following book review was written by Rosa Sautner, a Catholic homeschooling mom of two.

A very charming rhyming book illustrated with touching images of a frightened little seed.  The story of the seed who is afraid to be put into the ground and planted contains many truths about our life.  It offers pleasant rhyme to help children learn about dying to oneself in order to live in Christ.  The story can also be used to help explain why we are afraid to die in this life.  We don't know what joy the next life contains, we only know the "now" of our existence.  If we trust the Divine Gardener and let him do as He wills with us, we will see all the joy that He has planned for us in the next life .  These are profound truths that can be told in simple story form for children.  A lovely book that would be a very appropriate gift for Lent or Easter.