Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 67th Anniversary to Mother Angelica

Thanks to Raymond Arroyo for the reminder!

A happy anniversary to Mother Angelica who today is celebrating her 67th year in religious life! It's also the 30th Anniversary of her founding EWTN. Happy feast day Mother.

Please keep Mother Angelica and EWTN in your prayers!

St Sophia’s Priest found Not Guilty of Hawaii sex assault tells his story

On Monday, August 8, 2011, Rev. Bohdan Borowec from Winnipeg was acquitted of all charges of kidnapping and sex assault.​

The defense produced evidence at trial that demonstrated the complaining witness fabricated the charges and was seeking attention with intent to obtain money from the church. Prior to trial, the prosecutor suppressed evidence regarding the complaining witness’s mental health history and prior false allegations. ​

Father Borowec has been detained in Hawaii for six months pending trial. The support and prayers from around the world have greatly assisted him during this difficult time. ​
Read entire article here. Be sure to read "What Really Happened"

The news media did not do their research before reporting. Please pray for Father Bohdan Borowec! Poor Father!

The Borowec Innocence Project

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

"...It follows that our devotion to His Holy Mother must be a continuation of His devotion to her. We must be filled with the sentiments of respect, submission and affection which He entertained for her on earth and still entertains in heaven. Mary always held and will hold forever the first place in the Sacred Heart of her Divine Son; she always was and will never cease to be the first object of His love after the Eternal Father; and so He wishes tha, next to God, she should be the principal object of our devotion. Fort his reason, after the veneration we owe to the Divine Majesty of God, we cannot render a greater service to Jesus Christ or do anything more ;leasing to Him than to serve and honor His most worthy Mother."

- The Admirable Heart of Mary by St. John Eudes

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Bl. Pope John Paul II Laying Wreath at St. Maximilian Kolbe's cell

Picture source

Raymond Kolbe, born January 8, 1894

Picture source

Painting of Father Maximilian Kolbe in Nagasaki, Japan

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Father Maximilian document issued in 1940 by the German authorities

Picture source

Francis Gajowniczek photos from the camp records
St. Maximilian Kolbe took Francis Gajowniczek's place so that Francis could live instead.

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Drawing of St. Francis of Assisi with St. Maximilian Kolbe

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Pope Benedict XVI visiting St. Maximilian Kolbe's Cell

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Saint Maximilian Kolbe Pray for Us!

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