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List of Young Saints

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Today the Catholic Church commemorates the feast of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, a young Jesuit who died at the age of 23.

In honor of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, I share with you the list of young saints.  These saints and blesseds were all under the age of 25.  Again, this is only a partial list and it will be added to in days to come.

1.  Blessed Adelard the Younger 7/15th monk.  Died at the age of 20.
2.  Saint Agapitus 8/18th 15 years old, martyred at Palestrina, near Rome.
3.  Saint Agnes 1/21st 12 or 13 years old, martyred under Diocletian.
4.  Blessed Agnes of Bavaria 11/11th 7 years old,
5.  Blessed Alexius Delgado, S.J. 7/15th 14 years old. Jesuit novice killed by Calvinist French pirates.
6.  Saint Anatole Kiriggwajjo 6/3rd Ugandan Martyr believed to be around 20 years old*.
7.  Blessed Andrew Chakichi 10/2nd 8 years old. Parents Blesseds Louis and Lucy Chakichi, brother Francis.
8.  Blessed Francis Chakichi 10/2nd 4 years old. Parents Blesseds Louis and Lucy Chakichi, brother Blessed Andrew Chakichi.
9.  Blessed Andrew Trong 11/18th 18 years old. Martyred in what is now Vietnam.
10.  St. Anthony Deynan 2/5th 13 years old, altar boy and Tertiary of St. Francis, crucified for the faith in Japan.
11.  Blessed Antony of St. Dominic 9/8th 20 years old, Tertiary of St. Dominic, beheaded in Nagasaki.
12.  St. Paulillus 11/13th, only a boy and little brother of Saints Paschasius and Eutychian, protomartyrs of the Vandal persecution.
13.  Saints Anthasius Badzekuketta 6/3rd, age approximately 20 years old*, Ugandan Martyr.
14.  Saint Basilissa 9/3rd 9 years old, martyred under Diocletian persecution.
15.  Saint Blaesilla 1/22nd 20 years old, daughter of Saint Paula, disciple of St. Jerome.
16.  Saint Bolonia 10/16th 15 years old, martyred under Julian the Apostate.
17. Saint Christopher of Guardia 9/25th 3 years old.
18.  Saint Crescentius 9/14th 11 years old., son of Saint Euthymius, martyred under Diocletian.
19.  Saint Cyril 5/29th a boy who embraced Christianity without his father's knowledge and turned out of his home, arrested and martyred.
20.  Saint Dentlin 3/16th 7 years old.  Son of Saint Vincent Madelgarus.
21.  Saint Dominic Savio 3/9th 14years old.  Pupil of Saint John Bosco. Youngest non-martyr to receive official canonization in the history of the Church.
22.  Blessed Dominic Tomaki 6/1st 16 years old.  Son of Blessed John Tomaki and three brothers all martyred for the faith.
23.  Blessed Dominic Nifaki 6/1st 2 years old.  Martyred along with his father Blessed Louis Nifaki and his brother Francis.
24.  Saint Dominic del Val 8/31st 7 year old altar boy, martyred.
25.  Saint Eulalia 12/10 13 years old, martyred under Diocletian.
26.  Saints Eulampuis and Eulampia 10/10th two young brother and sister, martyred under Gallienus.
27.  Saint Fausta 9/20th, approximately 13 years old.  So steadfast while cruelly tortured that the magistrate, who ordered her tortured, was converted and martyred under Diocletian.
28.  Saint Flocellus 9/17th, a youth martyred under emperor Marcus Aurelius.
29.  Blessed Francis Nifaki 9/8th 5 years old.  Older brother of Blessed Dominic Nifaki and son of Blessed Louis Nifaki.
30.  Blessed Francis Taquea 9/11th 12 years old.  Son of Blessed Thomas Taquea and beheaded in Nagasaki.
31.  Saint Gerulph 9/11 a Flemish young and heir to vast estate, murdered by relative on the way home from his Confirmation and died with words of forgiveness on his lips.
32.  Saint Harold 3/25th a child put to death in Glouchester.
33.  Saint Diocoros, 12/14th, a youth whipped and then dismissed.  His companions Saints Heron, Arsenius and Isidore were martyred under Decius.
34.  Blessed Ignatius Jorjes 9/10 4 years old.  Son of  Blessed Dominic Jorjes and Blessed Isabel Fernandez.  Mother and son were beheaded in Nagasaki for giving shelter to Blessed Charles Spinola.
35.  Blessed James Bird 3/25th 19 years old, English martyr.
36.  Blessed James Guengoro 8/18th, 2 years old, crucified along with his parents Blesseds Thomas and Mary in Concura.
37.  Blessed John of Korea 9/10th 12 years old.  Son of Blesseds Antony and Mary of Korea.  All beheaded at Nagasaki.
38.  Saints Justus and Pastor 8/6th 13 years old and 9 years old, respectively, martyred under Diocletian.
39.  Saint Kizito 6/3rd 14 years old.  He was the youngest Ugandan martyr.
40.  Blessed Laurence Humphrey 7/7th 20 years old, English Martyr.
41.  Blessed Larentinus Sossius 4/15th 5 years old, martyred on Good Friday in Italy.
42.  Saint Louis Ibarchi 2/5th 12 years old, crucified at Nagasaki.
43.  Saint Louis (Ludwig) von Bruck 4/30th, boy martyred on Easter Sunday.
44.  Saint Maria Goretti 7/6th 12 years old, preferred death in order to keep her purity.
45.  Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati 7/4th 24 years old.
46.  Blessed Francisco Marto 2/20th 10 years old.  Sister Jacinta and cousin Lucia were the three shepherd children at Fatima apparitions.
47.  Blessed Jacinta Marto 2/20th 9 years old.  Brother Francisco and cousin Lucia were the three shepherd children at Fatima apparitions.
48.  Saint Aloyisius Gonzaga 6/21st 23 years old.
49.  Saint Eutropia6/15th 12 years old, martyr.
50.  Saint Marcian 7/11th youth, martyr.
51.  Saint Melorius 10/1st child, martyr.
52.  Saint Musa 4/2nd child, mystic.  Contemporary of St. Gregory the Great.
53.  Saint Neophtus 1/20th 14 years old.  Martyr.
54.  Saint Nestor 9/8th youth, martyred under Julian the Apostate.
55.  Saint Nicholas Peregrinus 6/2nd 19 years old.
56.  Blessed Nuntius Salprizio 5/5th 19 years old.
57.  Saint Panacea 5/1st 5 years old.  She was killed by her stepmother while she was at prayer.
58.  Blessed Paul Tomaki 9/8 7 years old.  He was beheaded along with his father Blessed John Tomaki and his three brothers.
59.  Saint Pelagia of Antioch 6/9th 15 years old.  Threw herself from top of her house in order to avoid the loss of her virginity.
60.  Saint Pelagius 6/26th young boy who preferred torture and death rather than to apostatize.
61.  Saint Pelagius 8/28th boy martyr.
62.  Saint Pudentiana 5/19th 16 years old.
63.  Saint Reparata 5/19th 12 years old, martyr.
64.  Saint Richard 3/25th child, martyred.
65.  Saint Robert of Bury St. Edmonds 3/25th
66.  Saint Romana 2/23rd 18 years old.
67.  Saint Rufinius, Silvanus, and Victalicus 9/4th, children martyred.
68.  Saint Rumwold 8/28th 3 days old, pronounced profession of faith and then died.
69. Saint Tarcisius 8/15th  12 year old boy martyred protecting the Blessed Sacrament.
70.  Saint Zoilus 6/27 youth, martyred under Diocletian.

*Source for Ugandan martyr's ages

Source:  The Book of Saints compiled by the Benedictine Monks of St. Augstine's Abbey, Ramsgate, 1966.

Friday, June 20, 2014

List of Saints who were Parents

A few years ago I started categorizing the saints into such categories as young saints, saints who were husbands, saints who were wives, widowed saints, young saints, saints who were friends of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, as well as for specific causes.

Note:  Some feast days may have changed as some of the reference books used are older.

The following is a partial list of the saints who were parents:

1.  Saints Adam and Eve  Feast day 12/24th
2.  Blessed Cosmos and Agnes Taquea 9/10th
3.  Saints Artemius and Candida 6/6 - daughter Paulina is also a saint.
4.  Saints Basil and Emmelia 5/30th - sons Basil the Great and Gregory the Great, and Peter of Sebaste  are also saints, as are daughters Nissa and Macrina the Younger.
5.  Saints Palmatius and wife 5/10th- their children were also martyred
6.  Saints Exuperius and Zoe 5/2nd - They and sons Cyriacus and Theodulus were slaves and martyred for refusing to take part in their master's idolatrous rites.
7.  Blessed Thomas and Mary Guengoro 8/18th - son Blessed James Guengoro was 2 years old when martyred in Nagasaki.
8.  Blessed Antony Mary Magdalen Sanga of Korea 9/10th - sons Blessed John was 12 years old and his brother Peter was 3 years old when martyred.
9.  Blessed Louis and Lucy Chakichi 10/2nd - son Blessed Andrew was 8 years old and his brother Francis was 4 years old when martyred.
10.  Saints Macedonius and Patricia 3/13th
11.  Saints Marius and Martha 1/19th - sons Saints Audifax and Abachum.
12.  Saints Melasippus and Carina 11/7th - son Saint Antony.
13.  Saints Gregory and Nonna Nazianzen 8/5th - children Gorgonia, Saint Gregory, and Caesarius
14.  Saints Orentius and Patientia 5/1st - son was Saint Laurence the Martyr.
15.  Saints Paul and Tatta 9/25th - sons Sabinian, Maximus, Rufus and Eugene all were martyrs.
16.  Blessed Paul and Thecla 9/25th - son Peter Nangaxi age 7, martyred along with his parents at Nagasaki.
17.  Saints Philetus and Lydia 3/27th - sons Saints Macedo and Theoprepius, all were supposedly martyred.
18.  Saints Adalbald and Rictrudis 5/5th - son Saint Maurontus, Saint Eusebius, Saint Clotsindis and Saint Adalsindes.
19.  Saints Joachim and Anne - (old feast day August 16th) 7/26th - daughter Blessed Virgin Mary, grandparents of Jesus.
20.  Saints Zacharias and Elizabeth - 11/5th - son is Saint John the Baptist
21.  Blesseds Dominic Jorjes 3/14th, and Isabel Fernandez 9/10th - son Bl. Ignatius Jorjes, martyred in Nagasaki for giving shelter to Blessed Charles Spinola.

Source:  The Book of Saints compiled by the Benedictine Monks of St. Augstine's Abbey, Ramsgate, 1966.