Friday, June 12, 2015

The Just Complaint of Our Divine Savior

The following is from Father Michael Muller, CSSR, book The Blessed Sacrament:  Our Greatest Treasure.  It is a beautiful reflection on the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

"I hear Thee complain of us, O dear Jesus, as Thou didst one day complain to the Blessed Margaret Alacoque, when showing to her Thy heart crowned with thorns:  'Behold this heart of Mine, so full of love for men, that it has shed its last drop of blood for them, and has given them My own flesh and blood as food and drink for their souls; and consider how this heart receives from most men, in return for so great a love, nothing but ingratitude and contempt!  But what grieves Me most is, that I am thus treated even by good and just souls.'

Do you not understand, dear Christian, the just complaint of your Divine Saviour?  Is your heart not touched by it?

'Behold,' says He, 'behold this heart which loves men so excessively; this heart which is always pouring out graces upon them; this heart, so full of pity to receive sinners, to help the poor and indigent; to cure the sick; to console the afflicted; to hear the prayers of all men, at which I have so often entered in Holy Communion.'

Ah!  dear Christian, have you a heart?  Well, if it be not of stone or iron, let it be touched by this touching complaint of the heart of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.. Give to your God and Saviour what is due to Him.  Repay Him for the benefit of your creation; repay Him for the benefit of your redemption; for the benefit of the preservation of your life; for the pains of His scourging; for the agony of His crucifixion; but, above all, repay Him, yes, in some measure, repay Him for the excessive love and affection which He bears you in the Blessed Sacrament.

'But how,' you will ask: 'how shall I pay my Jesus for His love to me?  What can I give Him in return?'  Nothing but love.  Love demands love and is contented only with love..."