Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Review -Me & My House - Catholic Parenting Course Videos

by Patrick Sullivan - Evango

Patrick Sullivan has put together an excellent resource for parents in his new parenting video series entitled, "Me & My House."   While I am not a new parent, my twin girls are now age 10, I learned a great deal from watching his videos.

Patrick takes you on a step-by-step path on how to bring up children who are affectionate, loving, and desirous of having a deep relationship with their parents and above all with God.

The videos are divided into four modules:

  1. Parenting in God's Plan - He explores the foundations of Catholic parenting.
  2. Habits in Parenting - He discusses good and bad practices in parenting.
  3. Do's and Don'ts of Parenting - He explains good discipline techniques, what works and what doesn't work.
  4. Parenting Them in the Faith -  He gives good suggestions of things you can do to raise children who will find joy in their faith.

These videos are very practical.  Patrick gradually introduces ways to help you implement solid, Catholic teaching in your home, in raising your children, and in relating to your spouse.  

One of the biggest impacts of the videos is the example of Patrick's children themselves.  Whenever they appear in the videos they seem very gentle, sweet, and well-mannered.  Patrick relates one story where he is looking all over for his son one day, only to find him hiding under the covers on his bed saying a Rosary!  This dear man surely knows what he is talking about if his little boy can do something like that.

One of the best features of these videos is Patrick's calm, soft-spoken demeanor.  I was very relaxed each time I watched and that was a big plus!

This is really a worthwhile series for all Catholic parents.  There is always something we can learn to help our children grow up to be loving, respectful children who love God.  Patrick Sullivan has put together a functional, Catholic guide to parenting.  I truly enjoyed watching the videos.   I am sure all parents will greatly benefit from the wisdom and practical advice they will receive from watching the "Me & My House" Catholic Parenting course.

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 Reviewed by Rosa Sautner, Catholic homeschooling mom of 2.