Friday, October 23, 2009

Prayer Request - Fr. Edward Hinds

Fr. Edward Hinds
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Please keep Father Hinds in your prayer. He was the pastor of St. Patrick's Church in Chatham, New Jersey. He was murdered today. He was also my sister's spiritual son and she has requested prayers for him.

Death of Reverend Edward Hinds Ruled a Homicide

Slain Priest Remembered as Hard Working Spiritual

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bl. Francis X. Seelos - Top 10 Practical Guide to Holiness

Bl. Seelos

1. Go to Mass with deepest devotion.

2. Spend a half an hour to reflect upon your main failing and make resolutions to avoid it.

3. Do daily spiritual readings for at least 15 minutes, if a half hour is not possible.

4. Say the Rosary every day.

5. Also daily, if at all possible, visit the Blessed Sacrament; and toward evening, meditate on the passion of Christ for a half an hour.

6. Conclude the day with evening prayer, and an examination of conscience over all the faults and sins of the day.

7. Every month make a review of the month in Confession.

8. Choose a special patron every month and imitate that patron in some special virtue.

9. Precede every great feast with a novena, that is, nine days of devotion.

10. Try to being and end every activity with a "Hail Mary".


Oath Against Modernism

Pope Pius X
Given by His Holiness St. Pius X, September 1, 1910.
To be sworn to by all clergy, pastors, confessors, preachers, religious
superiors, and professors in philosophical-theological seminaries.

Oath in English and Latin can be found here

H/T to Sue Cifelli

Catholic Martyrs of the Holocaust

Bishop von Galen
Bishop von Galen, the Lion of Munster

By 1939, more than 10,000 Catholic schools had been closed and the Catholic boys and girls sent to Nazi public schools for indoctrination.
"...But what many people don't know is that the Church itself was a target of the Nazis. On June 6, 1941, Martin Bormann, head of the Nazi Party Chancellery, private secretary to Adolf Hitler, and one of the most powerful figures in the Third Reich, issued a secret decree for all Gauleiters (or regional party leaders) of the Reich regarding the true intentions of the Nazi regime toward the Christian churches..."
Read the rest here.

H/T to Sue Cifelli

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The 21 Rules of This House

Holy Father
The following comes from RosyDreamer

Mahalo Alexandra!

The 21 Rules Of This House
by Gregg Harris

1. We obey God.
2. We love, honor and pray for one another.
3. We tell the truth.
4. We consider one another's interests ahead of our own.
5. We speak quietly and respectfully with one another.
6. We do not hurt one another with unkind words or deeds.
7. When someone needs correction, we correct him in love.
8. When someone is sorry, we forgive him.
9. When someone is sad, we comfort him.
10. When someone is happy, we rejoice with him.
11. When we have something nice to share, we share it.
12. When we have work to do, we do it without complaining.
13. We take good care of everything that God has given us.
14. We do not create unnecessary work for others.
15. When we open something, we close it.
16. When we take something out, we put it away.
17. When we turn something on, we turn it off.
18. When we make a mess, we clean it up.
19. When we do not know what to do, we ask.
20. When we go out, we act just as if we were in this house.
21. When we disobey or forget any of the 21 Rules of This House, we accept
the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Prison Cuisine

Fr. Gordon has a very interesting post about the innovative ways the prisoners come up with different meals for about a buck. Click here

Dealing With Terminal Illness? Watch Ellen Edmonds on EWTN Live this Wednesday


Ellen Edmonds, author of “Embracing Dementia: A Call to Love,” will guest on “EWTN Live” at 8 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 21. Her book is a must-read for anyone dealing with terminal illness – their own or that of a loved one. In one chapter, Edmonds suggests that both parties take the time to forgive each other for any wrongs committed during the relationship. Edmonds did this with her own husband and said it comforted her after his death when she remembered a time she had hurt him. Please forward this information to anyone you know who is dealing with terminal illness.

Michelle Laque Johnson

Director of Communications

EWTN Global Catholic Network

5817 Old Leeds Road

Irondale, Alabama 35210

(205) 795-5769 (office)

(205) 441-6248 (cell)

(205) 271-2920 (fax) (email)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parishioner healed of cancer dies; Blessed Seelos sainthood cause will proceed


Thank you Mary Jane.

Feast of St. Paul of the Cross

Saint Paul of the CrossPicture Source

"The easiest way to keep your peace of heart is to accept everything as coming directly from the hand of the God who loves you..."

To Saint Paul of the Cross

O glorious Saint Paul of the Cross, who, by meditating on the passion of Jesus Christ, didst attain to so high a degree of holiness on earth and of happiness in heaven, and by preaching the same passion, didst offer anew to the world the most certain cure for all its ills, obtain for us the grace to keep it ever deeply engraved in our hearts, that so we may be able to reap the same fruits both in time and in eternity. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.

Indulgence of 300 days; plenary indulgence on the usual conditions, once a month, for the daily recitation of this prayer in a spirit of devotion.

-The Prayer Book, The Catholic Press, Inc.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Peruvian Saints and Blesseds

To show how ignorant I am, I thought there were only three Peruvian saints. In speaking with my mother, it appears that there were other holy men and women in Peru who have been declared a saint or beatified. Here are some of them.

1. Santa Rosa de Lima

Santa Rosa de LimaPicture Source

2. San Martin de Porres

San Martin de PorresPicture Source

3. Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo

Santo Toribio de MogrovejoPicture Source

4. San Juan Macías

San Juan MaciasPicture Source

5. Beata Sor Ana de los Ángeles Monteagudo

Beata Sor de los Angeles MonteagudoPicture Source

6. San Francisco Solano

San Francisco SolanoPicture Source

7. Beato Luigi Tezza

Beato Luigi TezzaPicture Source

8. Beatita de Humay

Beatita de HumayPicture Source

Feast of the North American Martyrs

North American MartyrsPicture Source

The Jesuit martyrs of North America include St. John de Brébeuf, St. Isaac Jogues, St. Gabriel Lalemant, St. Anthony Daniel, St. Charles Garnier, St. Noël Chabanel, St. René Goupil, St. John de la Lande , who were either priests or worker-companions. All were martyred between 1642 and 1649 while laboring among American Indian tribes. These heroic men can be our inspiration as we pray and sacrifice for the missions.

Jesuit Father Dave gave graphic description on how Saint Isaac Jogues and St. John de Brébeuf were tortured and ultimately martyred. Saint John de Brébeuf's was killed and his chest cut open. His heart was taken and eaten by the Indians who believed him to be the strongest man they ever met.
O God, who by the preaching and blood of Thy sainted martyrs, Isaac and John and their companions, didst consecrate the first fruits of the faith in the vast regions of North America, graciously grant that, by their intercession, the flourishing harvest of the Christians may everywhere and always be increased. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, World without end. Amen.

- Roman Missal
To Saint Isaac Jogues

Saint Isaac Jogues! By thy preaching and by thy blood, the eternal Word did consecrate the first-fruits of the faith in the vast regions of North America. Pray for us, O martyr of Christ, that by the example of our lives, we may bring others to follow Christ and so assist in increasing the harvest of souls, sown by thee in American. Amen.
The Prayer Book, The Catholic Press, Inc.

Be sure to make a pilgrimage to the National Shrine of the North American Martyrs in Auriesville, New York.