Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do You Have A Connection With Your Patron Saint Story to Share?

If you have story to share on how you and your patron saint are right for each other, please feel free to contact us either by leaving a comment or email. Those of you how have posted about this connection on your own blogs can share the blog post link if you'd like.

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Our Lady - Saturday

Our Lady

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

7 Reasons to be a Priest

It’s Vocations Awareness Week Jan 13-19, and there is a lot of news on the vocations front. But the best news is old news: The seven sacraments are the original, and best, seven reasons to be a priest. But here are seven that incorporate recent news headlines about the priesthood...
Well, actually, you can check them out at the National Catholic Register's website

Love is...

- swift,

- pure,

- dutiful,

- pleasant,

- agreeable,

- strong,

- patient,

- faithful,

- prudent,

- long-suffering;

- manly,

- never seeking its own advantage

- wary,

- humble,

- upright;

- it is not soft,

- it is not unstable,

- it is not intent on empty trifles;

- sober,

- chaste,

- steadfast,

- keeping due watch on all the senses,

- submissive,

- obedient to those in authority,

- mean and contemptible in its own regard;

- To God it is always devout and thankful,

- ever trusting and hoping in Him even when it cannot taste His sweetness.

From Chapter 5 of the Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Feast of the Epiphany


Prayer That Christ May be Known to All

O Lord,
give us a new Epiphany
when you will be manifested to the world:
to those who do not know you,
to those who do not want you,
to those who vilify your name,
to throe who oppress your Mystical Body,
to those who deny you,
and to all those who unconsciously long for you.

Bring the day closer
when all people will know and love you
together with the Father
and the Holy Spirit--
and the Kingdom of God will have arrived.

Prayer to the Infant King

O Jesus,
the Magi offered you revealing gifts:
gold because you are our King;
frankincense, because you are our God;
and myrrh, because you are our Redeemer.
Like the Magi,
I offer you my gifts:
the gold of my earnest love as your faithful subject;
the frankincense of frequent prayer as your creature;
and the myrrh of a generous self-sacrifice as a sinner.

From Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book, Catholic Book Publishing.

Inward Consolation

Young Jesus and Lamb
On the Way Christ Speaks inwardly to the Soul.
Blessed is the soul that hears the Lord speaking within her and receives from his lips words that bring her comfort.

Blessed are the ears that catch the soft whisper of God's voice and pay no heed to the muttering voices of this world

Blessed indeed the ears that listen not to the voices that ring out around them, but to him who inwardly teaches the truth.

Blessed are the eyes that are shut to things outside, their gaze fixed on inward things.

Blessed are those who make their way through to the heart of the inward life, who strive daily more and more to prepare themselves for the reception of heavenly secrets.

Blessed are those who long to give all their time to God and shake themselves free of all the trammels of this world.

...Shut fast the doors in the face of all that comes through the senses, that so you may hear what the Lord your God is peaking withing you.
What our Beloved Lord says:

"I am your well-being, your peace your life.

Keep close beside me, and you will find peace.

Let go of all things that pass away and seek those that last for ever.

What are all the things of time but things that lead you away from me?

What help is there for you in anything created if he who made you forsakes you?

Then give up your claim to all else and make yourself a faithful and pleasing servant of your Creator; so you will be enabled to bring real happiness within your grasp."

From Book III, Chapter 1, Imitation of Christ, Thomas A Kempis.