Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Help for the Holy Souls

Banner from Blessed Sacrament Church, Paterson, NJ

The brown woolen scapular that Catholics wear is the habit of Our Lady that we are clothed with to show that we have consecrated ourselves to her.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel made a promise that she would personally go down to Purgatory to bring us up to heaven, the first Saturday after our death, if we have faithfully worn her brown scapular as a symbol of our devotion to her.
... the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. It is adapted from the scapular of the Carmelite Order and represents a special Consecration to Our Lady under the title of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Those who wear it practice it a special devotion to Mary. In the past this was the Little Office of Our Lady, but today this can be commuted by any priest to the rosary. In addition, the person has a special entrustment of themselves to Mary for their salvation. This, in fact, has been promised to those who faithfully wear the scapular:  "Those who die wearing this scapular shall not suffer eternal fire." This must not be understood superstitiously or magically, but in light of  Catholic teaching that perseverance in faith, hope and love are required for salvation. The scapular is a powerful reminder of this Christian obligation and of Mary's promise to help those consecrated to her obtain the grace of final perseverance.
Source: EWTN

Our blessed mother also goes into purgatory to free many souls on special days we honor her, such as all Saturdays and all the Marian feast days.  Just imagine how many souls will be freed from the pains of purgatory today!

For those of you who still do not wear the brown scapular, perhaps today is the day you begin.  It is important that you have a priest enroll you or confer you in our Lady's brown scapular.  Any priest is able to do this.  The EWTN link above has more details regarding investiture in the brown scapular.

The Sisters of Carmel in Colorado Springs make beautiful woolen brown scapular by hand.  You can get them for 5.00 each by contacting the sisters at Sisters of Carmel.

Catholic Free Shipping also sells good quality brown scapulars. These brown scapulars have the St. Benedict medal and a crucifix attached. You can get them for 6.95 each.

Please remember those who are very sick or may be in danger of death, by giving them a brown scapular to wear.

Happy Feast Day!