Friday, August 15, 2014

The Assumption of Mary

by Peter Paul Rubens, picture via  Pinterest

"It was fitting that she, who had kept her virginity intact in childbirth, should keep her own body free from all corruption even after death. It was fitting that she, who had carried the Creator as a child at her breast, should dwell in the divine tabernacles. It was fitting that the spouse, whom the Father had taken to himself, should live in the divine mansions. It was fitting that she, who had seen her Son upon the cross and who had thereby received into her heart the sword of sorrow which she had escaped in the act of giving birth to him, should look upon him as he sits with the Father. It was fitting that God's Mother should possess what belongs to her Son, and that she should be honored by every creature as the Mother and as the handmaid of God."
Saint John Damascene

Source: Munificentissimus Deus

Thursday, August 14, 2014

St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe on the Miraculous Medal

Picture source

"...those who consent to wear the Miraculous Medal"
who come to love the Immaculata with all their
heart and fly to her in prayer in all their adversities and temptations,
"quickly, and especially on her feast day, be prevailed upon
to make a confession.  There is much evil in the world,
but let us remember that the Immaculata is more powerful still."

- St. Maximilian Kolbe

Source:  Love One Another Catholic Magazine, 26th Issue

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