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Images of Fatima

Shared by Madalena.

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Many years ago, this statue was smuggled out of Cuba and is at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Kenner, LA.

The Message of Our Lady of Fatima

At the same Marian conference where Bishop Silva spoke of Our Lady of Guadalupe, two Polish priests who write for a Polish Catholic magazine Love One Another also gave talks. Love One Another has been translated into English and many other languages. Father Andrew said "Our Lady is the editor of Love One Another magazine."  This magazine is not only beautiful, but very informative.

Father Mieczysław Piotrowski TChr ("Fr. Mitch") and Fr. Andrew spoke of Our Lady of Fatima and the magazine, respectively. It made the heart feel joy because they spoke in the same endearing accent that our beloved Blessed John Paul II spoke when speaking English.

On Ali Agca's question to Pope John Paul when he visited him in Prison:

"How did you manage to escape with your life? I know that I aimed well. I know that the shots I fired were lethal, and yet they did not kill you. Why? What is this Fatima that everyone is talking about?"

"“It was a real miracle, and I know who to thank for it. One hand held the gun, another guided the bullet” – Pope John Paul II

The Assassination Attempt on the Holy Father

There are three parts to the secret of Fatima:

1. Vision of Hell - Hell is a consequence of man's rejection of God.
2. Avoiding hell.
3. Modern crisis of faith and morals and a call to conversion.
Father Mitch - Holy Communion

On Sin and Hell:

"Man's most serious obstacle to God is sin."

"The greatest tragedy is remaining in a state of sin. It is slavery."

The unrepentant souls; the demons hate and blame God and thus become a part of hell.

"However, no one is predestine to perish."

Sister Faustina was permitted to visit hell to warn about its existence.

"Most in hell are souls who did not believe in the existence of hell."

"Hell is not the result of an unjust punishment."

"We need to tell people the truth, hell exists."

"If hell is trivialized and treated as untrue, it will lead us to eternal damnation."

"Sin enslaves and destroys what is most important in a person's soul - the ability to love."

"It creates selfishness."

"We see this in our modern world with the culture of death and the slavery of addictions"

"Most souls end up in hell because of the sins of impurity". - Blessed Jacinta

Why Does Evil Seem so Attractive?

Father Mitch explained that mortal sins are egotistical, selfish and enslave us in sin.

Why Eternal Damnation?

Many more articles on the following subjects can be found here.

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Feast of St. Damien of Molokai - Photos and Quotes - Kalaupapa and Kalawao

Kalaupapa (view from plane)
"Leprosy is beginning to be very prevalent here.  There are many men covered with it.  It does not cause death at once, but it is rarely cured.  The disease is very dangerous, because it is highly contagious." - Letter by Father Damien to his family back home.  

A month later, officials posted the following notice:
"All Lepers must report to the government health authorities within fourteen days from this date for inspection and final banishment to Molokai" 

St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa
"Lepers were hunted by officials, usually white men, with great zeal... whole families took to the hills and caves.  Soon there were entire communities living in hiding." - John Farrow, Damien the Leper

Statue of Father Damien, St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa
"Discoloured patches appear on the skin, especially on the cheeks; and the parts affected lose their feeling.  After a time this discoloration coves the whole body; then ulcers begin to open, mainly at the extremities.  The flesh is eaten away , and gives out a fetid smell; even the breath of the leper becomes so foul that the air around is poisoned with it." - Father Damien

"He overwhelms us with, and he himself builds our houses.  When any one of us is ill, he gives him tea, biscuits and sugar; and to the poor he gives clothes."  - On Father Damien, by a Leprosy sufferer

"I feel no disgust when I hear the confessions of those near their end, whose wounds are full of maggots...This may give you some idea of my daily work.  Picture to yourself a collection of huts with 800 Lepers.  No doctor; in fact, as there is no cure, there seems no place for a doctor's skill."
Father Damien

"Every morning, then, after my Mass, ...I go to visit the sick, half of whom are Catholics.  On entering each hut, I begin by offering to hear their confession. Those who refuse this spiritual help are not, therefore, refused temporal help, which is given to all without distinction." - Father Damien

"There years now, and not a line from you.  Where are you then, my dear sister?  Are you off to Heaven already?  Not so fast, if you please.  A little more time is needed to win that crown.  Take pity then on your poor brother, who, by dint of being so long forgotten, will soon become a regular savage among savages.  Well, I certainly love my savages, who soon will be more civilized than Europeans.  They are learning to read and write..." - Letter by Father Damien to his sister Pauline, a nun in Holland.

"It is a great happiness to me whenever I have an opportunity of sending news of myself, of reminding you, my dear parents, that on an island in the midst of the great Pacific, you have a son who loves you and a priest who prays for you..." - Letter by Father Damien to his parents.

" ordeal from which the nerves of a man's spirit shrink, even as his eye quails under the light of the sun...A pitiful place to visit and a hell to dwell in... I am not a man more than usually timid but I never recall the days and nights I spent upon that island promontory (eight days and seven nights) without heartfelt thankfulness that I am somewhere else..."

"Gorgons and Chimaeras dire...pantomime deformations of our common manhood.  Such a population as only now and again surrounds us in the horrors of a nightmare." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Mosaic in front of St. Francis Church Kalaupapa
"I am not ashamed to act as mason or carpenter, when it is for the glory of God.  These ten years I have been on the mission I have built a church or chapel every year.  The habit I had at home of practising different kinds of work, is of immense use to me here." - Father Damien in a letter to his parents.

Poem or Song Lyrics- Kamiano
"I do not know what it is that requires my most urgent attention.  The Chapel at Kaluaha is absolutely necessary, but I shall not have time to do it myself, for it would keep me too long away from my dying parishioners at Kalawao.  The church of St. Philomena (here) must at all costs be enlarged ten feet a least.  The most urgent demands are made for it...However, 'He mea lealea no u wa hana kamana'  - The work of carpenter is pleasant to me." - Father Damien

"When, oh when shall it be given to me
To behold My God?
Oh, when shall the captivity of my wretched soul
Cease in this strange land where night and day
Weeping alone is my portion;
When, oh when shall I leave this valley of sorrow,
Where the only bread I eat is my continual tears?
When, oh when shall I see my well-beloved Lord?
Prince of the Heaves is he,
Guardian of my soul, my Hope, my Saviour,
May all..."  - Hawaiian hymn translated into English
"I must almost in every house change my methods. At one time I speak words of sweetness and consolation; at another I must add some bitterness because there is a sinner who refuses to pen h i eyes; and even as the thunder sometimes rolls with vehemence, so I now and again threaten a hardened soul with terrible chastisements, and this has often had good effect" - Father Damien on disciplining the residents.

St. Philomena Church, Kalawao
Reverend Sir,

I desire to express to you my admiration of the heroic and distinguished service you are rendering to the most unhappy of my subjects; and to pay, in some measure, a public tribute to the devotion, patience and unbounded charity with which you give yourself to the corporal and spiritual relief of these unfortunate people, who are necessarily deprived of the affectionate care of their relations and friends.

I know well that your labors and sacrifices have no other motive than the desire to do good to those in distress; and that you look for no reward but from the great God, our sovereign Lord, who directs and inspires you.  Nevertheless to satisfy my own earnest desire, I beg of you, Reverend Father, to accept the decoration of the Royal Order of Kalakaua, as a testimony of my sincere admiration for the efforts you are making to relieve the distress and lessen the sufferings of these afflicted people, as I myself had an occasion to see on my recent visit to the settlement.

I am,
Your friend,
Altar of St. Philomena Church, Kalawao

"Kindly remember me to all the Fathers in Louvain, to Gerard, Leonor and all the family. I am still able, but not without some difficulty, to stand every day at the altar, where I do not forget any of you. Do you, in return, pray and get prayers for me, who am being gently, drawn toward the grave.  May God strength me, and give me the grace of perseverance and of a happy death." - Father Damien in a letter to Belgium

Death of Father Damien
"I try to make slowly my way of the Cross and hope to be soon on top of my Golgotha." - Father Damien in a response letter to Edward Clifford

Quotation sources:

Father Damien by Pam Brown, LDA Edition
Damien the Leper by John Farrow, Sheed and Ward

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Book Review - The Invisible World by Anthony Destefano

I had no idea what to expect from this new book by best selling author of A Travel Guide to Heaven. The following did catch my interest very quickly: "Understanding Angels, Demons and the Spiritual Realities That Surround Us."

This book was great! I love Mr. DeStefano's writing style and I appreciate his insight into the faith.  He has a wonderful way of explaining even complex subject matters, e.g. the spirituality of the angels, how they travel, their thinking process,  the way they communicate, etc.. I do not think there is anything too complicated for him to explain with much clarity for the reader. It is very refreshing to read an author that writes like this...theology for common folks.

The book covered all things invisible to our naked human eyes, but very visible to our souls. The reader will read about God, the devil, angels, demons, good vs. evil, the fight for our souls, the meaning of suffering ... He inserts personal experiences in order to make a point. For example, one powerful story was when he explained why the devil continues to wallow in his misery and obstinacy in hell. At this point he shared a story from his youth when he did something wrong and because of pride, refused to apologize. If your family was anything like mine, you will easily relate to his anecdotes.

The book was not easy to put down. It was an attention-grabber from the very first chapter until the end. Mr. DeStefano also touched on God's divine mercy and also on the spiritual childhood which was St. Therese' doctrine. There is just so much he covered! Amazing!

He also revealed the "secret" for seeing the invisible world.  His method is a very common sense approach but I am certain it will work for all who try it.

I think this book should not only be read by everyone but it will be invaluable to those who have fallen away from the Church.  I think the reader will find some answers he or she to some interesting questions.

You can buy this book or any other of Anthony DeStefano's books here.

Month of May - Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary

Mother's Day Sts. Peter and Paul, Honolulu

Our Lord to Blessed Alan: "If only these poor wretched sinners would say My Rosary, they would share in the Merits of my Passion and I would b their Advocate and would appease My Father's Justice."

Our Lady revealed to Blessed Alan: "that after the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, which is the most important as well as the Living Memorial of Our Blessed Lord's Passion there could not be a finer devotion or one of greater merit than that of the Rosary."

Our Blessed Mother said "I want you to know that, although there are numerous indulgences already attached to the recitation of My Rosary, I shall add many more to every fifty Hail Marys (each group of five decades) for those who say them devoutly, on their knees, being of course, free from mortal sin. And whosoever shall persevere in the devotion of the Holy Rosary, saying these prayers and meditations, shall be rewarded for it; I shall obtain for them full remission of the penalty and of the guilt of all his ins at the end of his life. Do not be unbelieving as though this is impossible. It is easy for me to do because I am the Mother of the King of Heaven, and He calls me 'Full of Grace'. And being 'Full of Grace,' I am able to dispense Grace freely to my dear children."

"The Rosary is the 'Root and the storehouse of many blessings. Through it: sinners are forgiven, souls that are fettered have their bonds broken, those who weep find happiness, those who are temped find peace, the poor find help, religious are reformed, those who are ignorant are instructed, the living learn to overcome pride, the dead (the Holy Souls) have their pains eased by prayer and sacrifice."

Our Lady of Fatima in 1913 said: "When enough people will pray the Rosary every day, Russia will be converted and an Era of Peace granted to the World."

From the Divine Mysteries of the Holy Rosary