Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feast of St. Rita of Cascia

Please take a moment to see all the beautiful pictures of St. Rita over at Caput Mundi.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Eucharistic & Marian Congress in Lima Peru - Hymn

I Congreso Eucarístico y Mariano de Lima: 1st Eucharistic and Marian Congress in Lima

St. Cristóbal Magallanes and Companions

Prayer and picture source

San Cristóbal Magallanes Jara, mártir mexicano, que pediste de antemano, a Dios y a la Santísima Virgen, la gracia del martirio por el bien de la Iglesia y de la Patria. Ruega por nosotros

St. Cristóbal Magallanes Jara, Mexican martyr, who requested of God and the Blessed Virgin, the grace of martyrdom, for the good of the Church and of the country of your birth, pray for us.


A magazine for all Catholics.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ACN supports Christian media in the Middle East


ACN supports Christian media in the Middle East

A Christian satellite television network serving the Middle East and North Africa is set to significantly increase its live broadcasting thanks to support from a leading Catholic charity.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has given a second grant of $18,600 to provide equipment for SAT-7’s TV studio in Cairo, Egypt, enabling more live programs to be produced.

The ACN aid is expected to improve the quality of the network’s programs, which comprise news, debates, music and drama aimed at increasing understanding among Christians and closer cooperation with people of other faiths.

Rachel Fadipe, Executive Director of SAT-7 in the UK, explained the importance of increasing live broadcasts.

She said, “Live programs can be very exciting. They enable real interaction with viewers – live broadcasting means you can make connections with viewers.”

Christians from many denominations are involved in SAT-7, and clergy from different churches appear on its live programs where viewers can phone in to the studio to ask questions.

Kurt Johansen, the Executive Director of SAT-7’s European Office, said, “On our televised discussions we have members from each of the four groups [Eastern Orthodox, Oriental, Catholic and Protestant] and they will answer questions put to them by the audience.”

SAT-7’s board draws together senior churchmen from different denominations in the region, including Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.

Mr. Johansen said, “From the beginning we said we want to unite the churches in their diversity [and] show they can have unity.”

“We don’t hide differences but we discuss them in a polite and civilized way.”

Explaining why Satellite TV is the most effective media for reaching Christians in the region, Mr. Johansen said, “In the Middle East, Satellite TV is the media.”

“More than half in the Middle East have a satellite, and they watch more TV each day than in any other part of the world.”

Satellite broadcasting is not subject to the restrictions which apply to Christian literature in some Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Johansen said, “Many Christians are not very well educated, they cannot read, they have no access to a priest, but on SAT-7 they can tune in and 24 hours a day learn about and have deeper roots in the Christian faith.”

The broadcaster also helps to build better relations between Christians and other religious groups by providing accurate information about the faith.

Mr. Johansen said, “There are a lot of misunderstandings: some people believe Christians are cannibals because of Holy Communion. But when they see what’s going on, they get a different picture.

“There is more respect, more tolerance; it’s tearing down barriers in a positive way.”

In addition to the increasing number of live programs, SAT-7’s broadcasts include soap operas dealing with Christian issues and films based on Biblical subjects. Forty percent of programs focus on teaching, catechesis and the Bible.

They also include quiz shows about the Scriptures and a weekly talk by Coptic Orthodox leader Pope Shenouda III.

Mr. Johansen added, “Aid to the Church in Need has been with us from the beginning and has supplied us with cameras and TV equipment.”

“We have enjoyed working with ACN as we have a common vision for the Middle East.”

Over the last 15 years ACN has given over $300,000 in aid to SAT-7.

ACN’s recent help for the broadcaster follows Pope Benedict XVI’s 2008 message to the charity in which he encouraged it to help Christians in the Middle East and to increase its aid to broadcasting projects to support Catholic communities.

SAT-7 broadcasts five channels 24-hour-a day which reach about 8 million viewers in 19 countries.

With picture of SAT-7 board members

Directly under the Holy Father, Aid to the Church in Need supports the faithful wherever they are persecuted, oppressed or in pastoral need. ACN is a Catholic charity - helping to bring Christ to the world through prayer, information and action.

Founded in 1947 by Father Werenfried van Straaten, whom Pope John Paul II named “An Outstanding Apostle of Charity,” the organization is now at work in over 145 countries throughout the world.

The charity undertakes thousands of projects every year including providing transport for clergy and lay Church workers, construction of church buildings, funding for priests and nuns and help to train seminarians. Since the initiative’s launch in 1979, 43 million Aid to the Church in Need Child’s Bibles have been distributed worldwide.

For more information contact Michael Varenne at or call 718-609-0939 or fax718-609-0938. Aid to the Church in Need, 725 Leonard Street, PO Box 220384, Brooklyn, NY 11222-0384.

The Most Beautiful Name - Feast of St. Bernadine of Siena

Prayer Request for Philip Gerard Johnson

Please keep Philip in your prayers. We ask for the intercession of Father Price. (See Sidebar)

Prayer for Healing
Father Thomas Frederick Price, intercede for our brother, Philip Gerard Johnson. Heavenly Father, who desires that the faithful be drawn to the heroic virtues of Your priest, Fr. Thomas Frederick Price, grant Your healing gifts to Your son Philip Gerard Johnson. We ask this in the Holy Name of Your Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Mother Angelica Receives Honorary Law Degree from Ave Maria Law

The Ave Maria School of Law awarded Mother Mary Angelica, foundress of EWTN and beacon of outspoken fidelity to orthodox Catholic teaching, including on the life and family issues, an honorary law degree on Sunday.

In the resolution attending the award at the school's commencement ceremonies, Ave Maria Law President and Dean Eugene R. Milhizer praised Mother Angelica as "a robust advocate for the unborn child" and "an icon in the Catholic media."
Read the rest here at LifeSiteNews

Congratulations to Mother Angelica! It is well deserved.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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During his general audience this morning, Benedict XVI reminisced about his recent apostolic trip to Portugal, which took place from 11 to 14 May to mark the tenth anniversary of the beatification of the shepherd children Jacinta and Francisco.

The Holy Father began by explaining how throughout his journey he had felt the "spiritual support" of his predecessor John Paul II, "who visited Fatima three times, to give thanks for the 'invisible hand' that delivered him from death in the attack of 13 May here in St. Peter's Square".
Read the rest at Vatican Information Service

Spiritual Combat: On Putting Our Trust in God : Sin

Photo by Esther G.

One of the books I am currently reading was written by a priest a long time ago. His name was Dom Lorenzo Scupoli and the book is Spiritual Combat. It is said that the book made such an impact on Saint Francis de Sales that he carried it around with him for eighteen years.

To me this book can be used as a step by step guide on achieving sanctity by being aware of our faults and overcoming them. To be able to make progress will take a huge effort on one's part. It is almost certain we will fall because of our human nature or lower Will as Dom Scupoli refers to it, overcoming the Divine Will. But we must remember to put all our trust in God and He will help us.

One section of the book deals with our sins. Dom Scupoli simply teaches that those who do not trust in God will run to their spiritual father (director) after realizing the gravity of their sins. But they do this more out of self-love than regret or sadness for offending God.
...For he who greatly distrusts himself and trusts in God is not surprised when he falls, nor does he become sad, bitter, and despondent, because he knows his fall is owing to his own weakness, and the little trust he has placed in God...

Those who trust in God will realize that God may have permitted us to fall into sin as a way to come to the realization we are putting too much trust in ourselves and not in God.  We soon realize, we do not have to strength alone to overcome the temptations which lead to sin.  We must trust in God.

...I wish that some persons who think themselves spiritual, who cannot, or will not, give themselves a moment's peace when they have committed a fault would well consider these things...although their first concern should be to be cleansed from the stain of their sins and to be fortified against temptation by the Most Holy Sacrament."

...The humble man knows no such experience, for his sole trust is in God. He places no reliance upon his own powers. When he falls into any fault, he is indeed sorry, but he is neither disquieted nor surprised , for he knows as the light of truth has clearly manifested to him, that the fall is the result of his own weakness and misery.

- Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli, Sophia Press

St. Gianna Molla's Son

I thought this was the most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. A saint's actual child being interviewed by Father Benedict Groeschel. Wow!

Blessed Brother Andrè, to become first male Canadian saint

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Venerable John Paul II - On Motherhood

Photo Source

Today would have been Pope John Paul II's birthday. Since he shares his birth date with his (and our) beloved Blessed Mother of God, I thought I would share his thoughts on motherhood.
"Motherhood is woman's vocation.

It is an eternal vocation, and it is also a contemporary vocation. 'The Mother who understands everything and embraces each of us with her heart': These are he words of a song, sung by young people in Poland, which come into my mind at this moment. The song goes on to announce that today the world is particularly 'hungry and thirsty' for that motherhood, which is woman's vocation 'physically' and 'spiritually,' as it is Mary's.

Everything must be done in order that the dignity of this splendid vocation may not be broken in the inner life of a new generations; in order that the authority of the woman-mother may not be diminished in the family, social and public life, and in the whole of our civilization; in all u r contemporary legislations, in the organization of work, in publications, in the culture of everyday life, in education and in study: in every field of life."
- Vatican Address, January 10, 1979

- From the Wisdom of John Paul II

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos Shrine: A mecca for faithful seeking healing, miracles, affirmation

Picture Source

NEW ORLEANS – Joyce Bourgeois sees miracles all the time at the National Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos where she serves as administrator.

“People come from all over. Some of them come here and, if they’re ill, they feel like their case is hopeless and they come here with total despair. Then, first thing you know, we pray with them and they come back and they keep coming back,” she said.

“It’s a spiritual healing that a lot get, although we see a lot of physical and psychological healings. I just love being a part of this. It has been an experience and I can tell you that I’m a better person and a stronger person because of Father Seelos.”
Read the rest of the story at Gulf Pine Catholic

I have spoken to Joyce and her daughter on a few occasions. They are lovely people, willing to help and willing to talk story about their beloved Father Seelos. It was Joyce who shared with me stories of Father Seelos healing pets in need, as I think I have previously written about.

Mahalo to MJ for sharing.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Movie Recommendation - Cantinflas in El Padricito

My father had a collection of movies starring Cantinflas, a favorite Mexican actor and comedian. One of the movies he had was El Padrecito. I watched it again yesterday by myself and I had a very good time with this funny movie.

It is about a young priest right out of the seminary, who is sent to help an old priest at a parish. The old priest is convinced the young priest is going to become the new pastor and he is not happy at all. He feels he will die if he is forced to leave his beloved parish. The older priest's sister and niece live with him at the rectory. The sister is determine to make the young priest's life miserable in a misguided loyalty to her brother.

The older priest and the sister are not the only ones who do not want the young priest to stay. The town's rich man, who happens to be an atheist, has selfish reasons for not wanting the young priest to remain. He also has plans to rid himself of this interloper.

But little did they know that this new priest is a force to be reckoned with and he does so with humor and wit, not to mention his gambling and bull fighting skills.

There are other subplots involving El Padrecito's withholding of certain sacraments because of the individuals not being really prepared...for example, the penitent, the engaged couple, the parents wanting to have their child baptized. I do not want to give away the funny parts so I have to stop here.

The movies is available with English subtitles.

The following is a clip of El Padrecito playing the Ave Maria on the organ.

Seeing the Face of Jesus: Through the Rosary

LOCAL EVENT: Year for Priests Closing ceremony and participation

All are invited to unite as a Diocese for the CLOSING CEREMONY OF THE YEAR FOR PRIESTS

Your browser may not support display of this image.

The Image above consist of Rosaries made by the laity for Priests of the Diocese of Honolulu .

Most Rev. Bishop Larry Silva blessed them on Oct. 12, 2007. The project was sponsored by Serra Club of Honolulu.

The Image shows 30 crucifixes (center), 33 rays symbolizing the importance of Adoration (Monstrance), Holy Eucharist, and Prayers for Priests. It reflects our unity in suffering, joys and light to the world as the Mystical Body of Christ.



DATE : Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 (FEAST OF CORPUS CHRISTI)

Program for the Evening : Concurrently

5:00 pm - 6:15 pm ~ Exposition & Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

~ Prayers for Priests and Seminarians

~ Sacrament of Reconciliation

( All priests are welcome to be confessors )

6:15 pm - 6:25 pm ~ Prepare Lay Ministers w/ banners to process into Church

6:30 pm - 7:45 pm ~ HOLY MASS ~ Presider : Most Rev. Bishop Larry Silva

( All Priests are invited to concelebrate)

7:45 pm - 9:00 pm ~ Refreshments : Mingle with Priests, Seminarians & Laity

Lay Ministries are encouraged to come as a group and bring your banners

Catholics throughout the Diocese of Honolulu are encouraged to come as the Body of Christ.



Please see pledge paper at back of your church. Turn in your pledges with your lay group or bring on June 3rd for collection. Outer islands / faithful who cannot attend but will pray, please send your pledge to any of the emails below.

Contact for more information. Any lay group wishing to participate please contact us

: Jack Kampfer (President) Email : : Lleander Jung Email : : Estrella Estillore Email :