Monday, October 29, 2018

Book Reviews -Loyola books for Children

The following is a book review by a guest reviewer.  Rosa Sautner is a Catholic homeschooling mom of twin girls on the East Coast. She also happens to be my dear sister.

by Amy Welborn, illustrated by Marina Seoane
Published 2018, Loyola Press, 177 pages
The Catholic Church is filled with signs and symbols which point to deeper, more profound mysteries.  In  this beautifully illustrated book, author Amy Welborn, explains and expounds upon  the many signs and symbols  we find in our Church, its Saints,  the Liturgical Seasons, the Sacraments and the Bible.  With lovely, full-colored illustrations and simply written explanations for each sign and symbol, this book will appeal to children and adults alike.  It is not only a lovely reference book but an engaging picture book as well. This book will inspire all who read it to see beyond the signs into the mystery that is God's plan of love for each of us.

Shhh...God Is in the Silence
by Fiona Basile, illustrated by Alice Mount
Published 2016, Loyola Press, 23 pages

With all the noise of our modern world, can we hear when God speaks to us?  Author Fiona Basile found during her silent retreat that one can only hear God when we silence ourselves to hear his gentle voice.  With repetition and sweet illustrations this book will gently explain to young children that we must quiet ourselves and listen to God speak to our hearts.  This lovely picture book brings home the message of God's great love for each of us found deep within the silence of our hearts.