Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feast of St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony statue, Molokai
Happy Feast Day!

This is what St. Anthony wrote regarding the Cross:

"The Christian must lean on the Cross of Christ as the wanderer leans on his stick when he takes a long journey. He must be well etched in the minds and hearts of the Passion of Christ only because the word is derived from that source of life and peace, grace and truth. Let us turn our eyes to Jesus, our Lord nailed to the Cross of salvation to crucify our flesh to his Cross mortifying the senses; weep for the sins we have committed ourselves and those of our neighbor".

Thanks to Mary Jane for sharing the following:


Tuesday is dedicated to Saint Anthony because of the many and astounding miracles which occurred on the Tuesday on which his body was laid to rest.

So numerous were these prodigies, as has been told before, that the somber funeral was transformed into a triumphal procession. It is said that no one invoked the aid of the Saint without obtaining relief. All returned to their homes comforted, praising God and saying: "This is the day the Lord hath made to Saint Anthony; let us be glad and rejoice therein."

Since that time the devout clients of the Wonder- Worker have dedicated every Tuesday to Saint Anthony as the day on which God was pleased to show forth the power of the Saint.

This pious custom gradually spread throughout the Catholic world. In Franciscan churches on each Tuesday, devotions were held in his honor, and faithful clients come to pay homage to him. Saint Anthony himself has chosen Tuesday as his own. He has obtained throughout the centuries countless favors, spiritual and temporal, for those who have honored him on that day.

The Church has set Her approval upon Tuesday as Saint Anthony's day by generous indulgences. A plenary indulgence is granted on every Tuesday of the year to all who receive the Sacraments and on that day visit a Catholic church where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, and there pray for the intentions of the Holy Father.

A plenary indulgence is granted on each day of thirteen consecutive Tuesdays (or Sundays), once a year, to all who perform an act of piety in honor of St. Anthony, receive the Sacraments, visit a church or public oratory and pray there for the intentions of the Holy Father (Leo XIII, Mar. 1, 1898).

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blessed John XXIII - On Simplifying Himself

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Pope John XXIII was always trying to sanctify himself, even as a young boy.  The following is an excerpt from his journal, during a Holy Week retreat, when he was the Papal Representative in France (1945).
"In order to simplify everything, I shall bear in mind the theological and cardinal virtues.  The first cardinal virtue is prudence.  This is what Popes, Bishops, king and commanders have found difficult, and it is in this that they frequently fail.  It is the characteristic quality of the diplomat, so I must cultivate it with particular care.  Every evening I must examine myself strictly on this point.  My ready tongue often betrays me into saying far too much.  Beware, beware!  Know how to preserve silence, how to speak with moderation, how to refrain from judging people and their attitudes, except when this is an obligation imposed by Superiors, or for grave reasons.

On every occasion say less rather than more and always be afraid of saying too much, remembering St. Isidore of Seville's praise to St. Fulgentius.  And be particularly careful to preserve charity. This is my Rule".
This is a good lesson for all of us.  It is always to say less than more.  You will not regret saying less.  It is always a good idea to think, and pray before speaking.  Think of all the saints.  They were very prudent in speech.

- Journal of a Soul