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List of Young Saints

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Today the Catholic Church commemorates the feast of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, a young Jesuit who died at the age of 23.

In honor of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, I share with you the list of young saints.  These saints and blesseds were all under the age of 25.  Again, this is only a partial list and it will be added to in days to come.

1.  Blessed Adelard the Younger 7/15th monk.  Died at the age of 20.
2.  Saint Agapitus 8/18th 15 years old, martyred at Palestrina, near Rome.
3.  Saint Agnes 1/21st 12 or 13 years old, martyred under Diocletian.
4.  Blessed Agnes of Bavaria 11/11th 7 years old,
5.  Blessed Alexius Delgado, S.J. 7/15th 14 years old. Jesuit novice killed by Calvinist French pirates.
6.  Saint Anatole Kiriggwajjo 6/3rd Ugandan Martyr believed to be around 20 years old*.
7.  Blessed Andrew Chakichi 10/2nd 8 years old. Parents Blesseds Louis and Lucy Chakichi, brother Francis.
8.  Blessed Francis Chakichi 10/2nd 4 years old. Parents Blesseds Louis and Lucy Chakichi, brother Blessed Andrew Chakichi.
9.  Blessed Andrew Trong 11/18th 18 years old. Martyred in what is now Vietnam.
10.  St. Anthony Deynan 2/5th 13 years old, altar boy and Tertiary of St. Francis, crucified for the faith in Japan.
11.  Blessed Antony of St. Dominic 9/8th 20 years old, Tertiary of St. Dominic, beheaded in Nagasaki.
12.  St. Paulillus 11/13th, only a boy and little brother of Saints Paschasius and Eutychian, protomartyrs of the Vandal persecution.
13.  Saints Anthasius Badzekuketta 6/3rd, age approximately 20 years old*, Ugandan Martyr.
14.  Saint Basilissa 9/3rd 9 years old, martyred under Diocletian persecution.
15.  Saint Blaesilla 1/22nd 20 years old, daughter of Saint Paula, disciple of St. Jerome.
16.  Saint Bolonia 10/16th 15 years old, martyred under Julian the Apostate.
17. Saint Christopher of Guardia 9/25th 3 years old.
18.  Saint Crescentius 9/14th 11 years old., son of Saint Euthymius, martyred under Diocletian.
19.  Saint Cyril 5/29th a boy who embraced Christianity without his father's knowledge and turned out of his home, arrested and martyred.
20.  Saint Dentlin 3/16th 7 years old.  Son of Saint Vincent Madelgarus.
21.  Saint Dominic Savio 3/9th 14years old.  Pupil of Saint John Bosco. Youngest non-martyr to receive official canonization in the history of the Church.
22.  Blessed Dominic Tomaki 6/1st 16 years old.  Son of Blessed John Tomaki and three brothers all martyred for the faith.
23.  Blessed Dominic Nifaki 6/1st 2 years old.  Martyred along with his father Blessed Louis Nifaki and his brother Francis.
24.  Saint Dominic del Val 8/31st 7 year old altar boy, martyred.
25.  Saint Eulalia 12/10 13 years old, martyred under Diocletian.
26.  Saints Eulampuis and Eulampia 10/10th two young brother and sister, martyred under Gallienus.
27.  Saint Fausta 9/20th, approximately 13 years old.  So steadfast while cruelly tortured that the magistrate, who ordered her tortured, was converted and martyred under Diocletian.
28.  Saint Flocellus 9/17th, a youth martyred under emperor Marcus Aurelius.
29.  Blessed Francis Nifaki 9/8th 5 years old.  Older brother of Blessed Dominic Nifaki and son of Blessed Louis Nifaki.
30.  Blessed Francis Taquea 9/11th 12 years old.  Son of Blessed Thomas Taquea and beheaded in Nagasaki.
31.  Saint Gerulph 9/11 a Flemish young and heir to vast estate, murdered by relative on the way home from his Confirmation and died with words of forgiveness on his lips.
32.  Saint Harold 3/25th a child put to death in Glouchester.
33.  Saint Diocoros, 12/14th, a youth whipped and then dismissed.  His companions Saints Heron, Arsenius and Isidore were martyred under Decius.
34.  Blessed Ignatius Jorjes 9/10 4 years old.  Son of  Blessed Dominic Jorjes and Blessed Isabel Fernandez.  Mother and son were beheaded in Nagasaki for giving shelter to Blessed Charles Spinola.
35.  Blessed James Bird 3/25th 19 years old, English martyr.
36.  Blessed James Guengoro 8/18th, 2 years old, crucified along with his parents Blesseds Thomas and Mary in Concura.
37.  Blessed John of Korea 9/10th 12 years old.  Son of Blesseds Antony and Mary of Korea.  All beheaded at Nagasaki.
38.  Saints Justus and Pastor 8/6th 13 years old and 9 years old, respectively, martyred under Diocletian.
39.  Saint Kizito 6/3rd 14 years old.  He was the youngest Ugandan martyr.
40.  Blessed Laurence Humphrey 7/7th 20 years old, English Martyr.
41.  Blessed Larentinus Sossius 4/15th 5 years old, martyred on Good Friday in Italy.
42.  Saint Louis Ibarchi 2/5th 12 years old, crucified at Nagasaki.
43.  Saint Louis (Ludwig) von Bruck 4/30th, boy martyred on Easter Sunday.
44.  Saint Maria Goretti 7/6th 12 years old, preferred death in order to keep her purity.
45.  Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati 7/4th 24 years old.
46.  Blessed Francisco Marto 2/20th 10 years old.  Sister Jacinta and cousin Lucia were the three shepherd children at Fatima apparitions.
47.  Blessed Jacinta Marto 2/20th 9 years old.  Brother Francisco and cousin Lucia were the three shepherd children at Fatima apparitions.
48.  Saint Aloyisius Gonzaga 6/21st 23 years old.
49.  Saint Eutropia6/15th 12 years old, martyr.
50.  Saint Marcian 7/11th youth, martyr.
51.  Saint Melorius 10/1st child, martyr.
52.  Saint Musa 4/2nd child, mystic.  Contemporary of St. Gregory the Great.
53.  Saint Neophtus 1/20th 14 years old.  Martyr.
54.  Saint Nestor 9/8th youth, martyred under Julian the Apostate.
55.  Saint Nicholas Peregrinus 6/2nd 19 years old.
56.  Blessed Nuntius Salprizio 5/5th 19 years old.
57.  Saint Panacea 5/1st 5 years old.  She was killed by her stepmother while she was at prayer.
58.  Blessed Paul Tomaki 9/8 7 years old.  He was beheaded along with his father Blessed John Tomaki and his three brothers.
59.  Saint Pelagia of Antioch 6/9th 15 years old.  Threw herself from top of her house in order to avoid the loss of her virginity.
60.  Saint Pelagius 6/26th young boy who preferred torture and death rather than to apostatize.
61.  Saint Pelagius 8/28th boy martyr.
62.  Saint Pudentiana 5/19th 16 years old.
63.  Saint Reparata 5/19th 12 years old, martyr.
64.  Saint Richard 3/25th child, martyred.
65.  Saint Robert of Bury St. Edmonds 3/25th
66.  Saint Romana 2/23rd 18 years old.
67.  Saint Rufinius, Silvanus, and Victalicus 9/4th, children martyred.
68.  Saint Rumwold 8/28th 3 days old, pronounced profession of faith and then died.
69. Saint Tarcisius 8/15th  12 year old boy martyred protecting the Blessed Sacrament.
70.  Saint Zoilus 6/27 youth, martyred under Diocletian.

*Source for Ugandan martyr's ages

Source:  The Book of Saints compiled by the Benedictine Monks of St. Augstine's Abbey, Ramsgate, 1966.

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