Thursday, August 30, 2007

Symptoms of Inner Peace

Shared by Sue Cifelli

A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fear based on past experiences

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment

A loss of interest in judging other people

A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others

A loss of interest in conflict

A loss of the ability to worry

Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation

Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature

Frequent attacks of smiling

An increased susceptibility to the love extended by others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it
Written by any one of Christ's followers, name unknown to me


Jean Heimann said...

Ooh! I like this post. I am going to post it on Catholic Fire, too - it's something Everyone should read. Thank you!

EC Gefroh said...

I agree Jean.
God bless,

xxxxxx said...

I like it!