Friday, February 19, 2010

Silence and the Radical Christian Life

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I found this inspiring new blog today. It will be added to the sidebar.

The recent post on silence could not have come at a better time. This Lent, I am striving to listen to God more.

The Sinner's Guide - Silence and the Radical Christian
Some tips to help cultivate silence in your daily life:

1. Make it a priority. Set aside time each day to not only pray but listen to God
2. Make it the same time each day. This builds a habit and shows how important it is to us
3. Turn off EVERYTHING. (TV, Radio, Cell Phone, Laptop Etc.)
4. Write down things that are distracting you. For example things you need to accomplish
5. Work hard to keep your mind on the conversation with God
6. Use the little times to practice. (In the car, the shower, as you are falling asleep)
7. Most of all: Ask God for his help. He wants to speak to each one of us. His message is personal.

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