Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Lent Lent Pass You By

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Thanks to the Sinner's Guide for sharing the following tips:
Here are some tips to make this a great Lent:

1. Do things that bring you closer to Christ. I know this is obvious but seriously why give up sweets when you know what is keeping you from a passionate relationship with the Lord is an addiction to television.
2. Write down commitments and their reasons. For example if you are giving up coffee because of an addiction to caffeine write Coffee: Because addictions affect my ability to surrender myself to God.
3. Pick the obvious commitments first. If you clearly have an issue that’s keeping you from giving yourself totally to Christ then work on that this lent. For example if laziness is an issue then wake up early and have a prayer time. If you can easily get to mass everyday but you haven’t been going then make a commitment to go.
4. Remember the focus of Lent should be to rid yourself of the world and sin in order to make more room for God.
5. Most importantly ask God to reveal to you those things that are hard to spot but are hindering your full surrender.

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