Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Confessions of a Gypsy Priest

Now, I find this recent story of a Gypsy man being ordained a priest after much hardship, very interesting because of the all the stories told to me as a child.

None of the stories concerning Gypsies, whether they were Gypsies in Peru or in the United States, were ever favorable. In fact, they often had a dark or sinister tone about them. However, contrary to these stories scaring me, they intrigued me. I am sure most of them were quite exaggerated such as those I heard or read about Gypsies stealing children or just about anything that they came across. I often wonder what is it about the Gypsy that other people hated or were afraid of them. There must be something about them that is special otherwise, Hitler would not have placed them in concentration camps to suffer along with the Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, etc.
Nothing Could Stop Father Muñoz Cortés

Neither slaps from his father, nor his friends' ridicule, nor discrimination by some of his fellow seminarians, nor serious cancer were able to stifle this young gypsy's vocation to the priesthood.

Born 35 years ago in the marginal neighborhood of La Mina, in Barcelona, Juan Muñoz Cortés felt called to the priesthood at the age of 12, a call which was supported by a number of individuals, whom he holds dear in his heart, but also by intense spiritual experiences.
The interview can be read HERE


Mimi said...

I did a paper on the Roma in college, fascinating. Thank you

EC Gefroh said...

Really Mimi? How interesting.