Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Would Donate Money if Our Parish Would Get One

Churches installing cell phone jammers


Tracy said...

We have announcements at the beginning of Mass that ask everyone to silence their cell phone and pagers and if it is an emergency please leave the church to take the call and it has worked so well that we haven't had any ringing phones in Mass in over a year!! I put mine on vibrate and would be upset if something was to happen to a family member (like when my dad was in the hospital last spring doing so poorly) if my mom could not have at least left a message or if he had taken a turn for the worse and she tried to call me (and she wouldn't know I was at Mass) if that would have been blocked so I didn't feel that phone vibrate in my pocket, I would have been very upset. We should not have to resort to phone blocking, people should know that phones and pagers need to be on silent and vibrate and leave the church if you must take the call and obviously, you shouldn't take the call unless your pretty sure something is not right, my opinion anyways.

Charlotte said...

Did you ever notice that when a cell phone does go off in church, that it always seems to have a really obnoxious ring tone, so that the person whose phone is ringing is usually doubly-embarassed?

Mimi said...

Heh. Me too.

Therese said...

I remember one time I forgot to turn my mobile phone off and I got a text message in the middle of Mass. I was really embarrassed. With this in mind it would have been great to have that.

EC Gefroh said...

Tracy, I'm glad that system worked at your Parish. It hasn't at mine. They even have a sign up on the front doors to remind people. One person I remember even took the call in the middle of Communion.

Charlotte, well, at my church I hear classical music or some religious hymn like Ave Maria. One a few occasions it's the obnoxious ring :-)

Mimi, I guess that's a problem at your church too.

Therese, I try not to criticize anyone whose phone rings during Mass because one time it happened to me and it was a wrong number. I had forgotten to shut off my phone!