Monday, September 01, 2008

Whosoever prays the Rosary has the power of God in his hand

Rosary and Bile
The Rosary may seem like an insignificant thing in the light of the magnitude of the evils of today’s world, but it is the weapon given to us by Our Lady. She merely asks our cooperation, and she will do the rest. It is like the slingshot of David that killed the mighty enemy because the power of God was behind it. Thus, as the saying goes, he who prays the Rosary has the power of God in his hand.

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WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I was listening to Fr John Corapi yesterday and he always refers to the rosary as a weapon-he said St Padre Pio did so.
I know I sense a difference in the day when I haven't said mine. I NEED to say it-feel aggitated almost if I don't.
It is a profoundly powerful prayer.
Someone I knew a long time ago used to call it 'The Dry Mass'.

EC Gefroh said...

WS, I feel our Lady gently nagging me to say my rosary sometimes when I am too tired.