Thursday, September 04, 2008

Saintly Quote - God's Image

St. Fulgentius

Those who want to offer God a worthy gift can only do so by offering themselves. For since God made us in His own image He is delighted to be offered His own image, and commands us to present it to Him clean and shining.

That explains our Savior's answer to some of those who were trying to trap Him: Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. This means that just as we give to Caesar his image imprinted on a coin, so we must give to God his image imprinted on ourselves. And when we give our Creator His own image it must be righteous, not evil; humble, not proud; not debased by greed, deformed by rapacity, diminished by vicious anger, worn away by earthly passions, filthy with envy, defiled by debauchery; but kept unharmed by prudent care, clean by true faith, and shining by good ways and works. But the most holy prophet tells us how to give God His own image in ourselves, when He says: I shall show you what is good and what the Lord asks of you. It is to act justly and righteously, to love mercy and walk carefully with your God.

St. Fulgentius

"Fulgentius was a bishop in North Africa in the early 6th century. He tirelessly battled against the Arian heresy which denied Christ's full divinity. On this in other matters, He found great inspiration in the writings of an earlier N. African bishop, St. Augustine of Hippo". Source

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