Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Book Review - A Storybook of Saints


Book Review by Rosa M. Sautner, Catholic Homeschooling Mother of two.

    If you were looking for a book with charming illustrations and a year-long feast day collection of saints, this book is perfect.  As a homeschooling mother read aloud time is a very important part of our day.  Especially in the morning, we like to begin with stories that capture the interest of our children as well as introduce the feast day or liturgical season.

    This book is a ideal addition to our "morning basket" of read alouds.  It contains fifty saint stories and a charming illustration for each saint.  As the author writes in her introduction, some of the stories come from historical fact.  Some stories, however, come from legends based on something that probably happened.  This can be explained to children and it will make the stories all the more fascinating.

    A Storybook of Saints gives brief stories of saints beginning on December 6, in the season of Advent with St. Nicholas and concluding at the end of the liturgical year with the Vietnamese Martyrs on November 24.

    As with all the books published by Sophia Institute Press, this book is beautifully printed, with an attractive, colorful cover and pleasing typeset.  This a perfect little volume to introduce young children not only to the saints, but to the many saints which light up the liturgical year .

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