Monday, May 12, 2014

The Worship of Satan at Harvard University

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Father Daren has a good post on the black mass event schedule at Harvard later today:

The Worship of Satan at Harvard University

If possible, please join in making a Holy Hour of Adoration today at the time, the black mass is held.

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Unknown said...

After I came back from Adoration today, I saw that the black mass was cancelled! The pics I saw coming out of St. Paul made me feel proud to be a younger Catholic. I saw so many of my younger brothers and sisters assembled at St. Paul's for spiritual warfare. The Enemy will never, EVER, prevail against the Church. Peace, love and prayers were the weapons of triumph!

I pray for the students and those who organized this repugnant event to repent and make reparations. I also think they were foolish because they don't realize what kind of doors they opened. No matter that the event got cancelled but their intentions were all the same.