Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Cure for Universal Indifference

Holy HourPicture source Mount Carmel in the Desert

St. Peter Julian Eymard wrote the following in 1851:
"I have often reflected on the cure for the universal indifference which infects so many Catholics to so alarming a degree, and I have found only one, the Eucharist, the love of the Eucharistic Jesus. Loss of faith comes first from loss of love; the icy cold of death, from the absence of fire. Jesus did not say: 'I have come to bring a revelation of the most sublime mysteries' but, 'I am come to cast fire on the earth. And what will I but that it be kindled over the whole earth.'"
My family and I are members of the Noctural Adoration Society. The above saintly quote on the Eucharist comes from their monthly newsletter. If you are interested in becoming a member, search for a chapter near you or you can email them at nnasmonette(at)familink(dot)com.

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