Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Esolen's Rules" - On Marriage

One of my sisters shared the following with me. I think this is great!

Dr. Anthony Esolen was recently a guest on EWTN's Life on the Rock. He is a good speaker. He has his Ph.D. in Renaissance English Literature.  The following are some points for young people to consider in a person before marrying them.

He states that some of the points were meant to be facetious. But the gist of the points is quite good.

... So then, whom could you marry? A long time ago we came up with something we called "Esolen's Rules." They're only half facetious. But they are an attempt to get at the normal:

1. Don't marry a woman who likes cats but does not like dogs. You may marry a woman who doesn't like either, or whose reason for not liking dogs is that one of them bit her when she was a toddler. But a woman who likes cats but does not like dogs will be a Joan Crawford or Jane Wyman. Ronald Reagan married Jane Wyman, and look how sorry he was about that.

2. Don't marry a man who is neater than you are. You may, however, marry a man who polishes his tools and puts them away after use....

3. Don't marry anybody, man or woman, who says, "I'm going to call you at eight," and then leaves you waiting by the phone for an hour. Exceptions can be made for people who are kidnapped by Arabs, or who have epileptic seizures.

4. Don't marry anybody who insists on a separate bank account, bed, bathroom, vacation, or zip code. It makes no sense to be one flesh and two wallets.

5. Don't marry a woman who spends more on makeup than she does on food. In general, don't marry a woman who engages in the sin of reverse gluttony...

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breadgirl said...

Hi Esther G


Tracy said...

This is great Esther, I'm so glad you shared!!

Charlotte said...

I've actually seen this list before, but it was much, much longer.

EC Gefroh said...

Me too Tracy. Glad you liked it.

Charlotte, I know. You have to click the link to read the entire list.