Friday, March 19, 2010

Archbishop Chaput: Those confusing Catholic stance on health care will bear blame if bill passes

I hate to post this especially on St. Joseph's feast day. But this will give us more of an incentive to pray to protect the U.S. from the president's health care reform.

Denver, Colo., Mar 19, 2010 / 01:18 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- In a column published today on the website of First Things, Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput has commented on how certain “Catholic” groups are working to undermine the U.S. bishops' stance on health care reform. Should the morally deficient Senate version of health care reform be passed into law against the will of the American people, he said, the dissenting “Catholic” voices will be among those responsible...
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The following is an example of what the good Archbishop is referring to:

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This is Speaker of the House actually saying we should pray to St. Joseph the Worker today his feast day, to pass this evil health care reform. Really! BTW, it is not the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker the Catholic Church is celebrating, which is May 1st, but St. Joseph the Husband of Mary. Just an example on how much this "Catholic" politician knows her faith.

Another example is a story we shared yesterday found here where a small group of sisters/nuns are opposing the bishops with regard to passing the health care reform.

Let us instead pray that God protect the unborn and the vulnerable and that the pro-life politicians will take a strong stance for life.


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