Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Offering of a Holy Hour for Priests


O my God, poor, weak and miserable as I am, I have come to spend this hour alone with YOU, in reparation for the priests who have forgotten that they are Your chosen souls. Especially, dear God, do I offer this holy hour for the priest who at this moment needs it most. In praying for consecrated souls, help me to remember my own utter weakness, misery and nothingness. Were it not for your grace, I would be far worse than those for whom I pray.

O my God, help those priests who are faithful to remain faithful; to those who are falling, stretch forth Your Divine Hand that they may grasp it as their support. And for those poor unfortunate souls who have fallen, lift them up in the great ocean of Your Mercy, that being engulfed therein, they may receive the grace to return to Your Great Loving Heart. Amen.

Nihil obstat: M. J. Grupa, censor librorum, Feb. 23, 1951 - Detroit
Imprimatur: + Edward Cardinal Mooney, Feb. 23, 1951 - Detroit
The Franciscan Marytown Press, Kenosha, Wisconsin
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