Sunday, November 02, 2008

International Pro-Obama "Catholic" Comment

The following comment was in my mailbox for approval. This one needs a public response.
"I write to you from London, Canada and as a practising Catholic. I am praying Mr. Obama becomes your next President. No one, not even Bishops, can enter into the territory of who will be the ones to be judged and going to hell because of how they voted. Frankly, I am astounded by this suggestion. Haven't we and countless clergy heard over and over again not to judge least we be judged. Who knows the mind of God?

Surely you aren't one of those neanderthals who believe Our Lord was a Republican.

Yes, abortion is a grave concern but no more than your capital punishment, the slaughter of so many due to an immoral war and the blind refusal of some to even listen to proper health care for the many who are dying without it. No, I pray Mr. Obama is your next President and I do not fear Judgment Day.

Linda Sadlowski"

It's tragic that someone who is a Catholic is praying that an advocate of death will be a neighboring country's next president.

We Catholics and other people of faith are praying for this upcoming election. We are praying that the United States be protected against evil. We pray that a president who will protect the unborn will be elected. We pray that the Holy Spirit guides us when we enter the voting booth. We are not invoking God to help make any specific candidate the next president.

We pray that we do God's will.

As for judging. You would have done well to have watched Fr. John Corapi's special election talk from 2004 last evening. It is our duty to follow the corporal and spiritual acts of mercy. One of these acts is instructing the ignorant. If a Catholic doesn't understand the gravity of sin in voting for a pro-death candidate and we do not enlighten them to this fact, we are culpable in their sin as much as they are.

As Fr. Corapi has said over and over, this nation (the United States of America) is no longer guilty of murder, our nation is guilty of genocide! The mass killing of innocents.

Abortion is more than a "grave concern". It is a matter of life or death for an innocent child...a helpless baby. You cannot compare the heinous crime of abortion with punishing a guilty adult of murder! Even the church does not condemn the death penalty.

...and I will pray that the Blessed Mother under her title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, protectress of the unborn and the Immaculate Conception, patroness of the United States, cover this nation with her mantle and protect us from further evil, especially on November 4th, election day.


Anonymous said...

"...the slaughter of so many due to an immoral war..."

I am sure that others will respond well to the "grave concern" of abortion, so I'd like to respond to the above quote:

I am a USAF wife of 13 years. I don't like this war (or any war for that matter) and would love it if we could all just get along. Alas, today's world doesn't allow this luxury. Do you believe 9/11 was moral? If we had not responded, and not gone to war over in the middle east you can be guaranteed that we would be fighting the war on American soil. And once Ameica fell, do you think they would stop at Mexico and Canada? I would think, that instead of looking down your nose at the US's war, you'd be thankful you're not going to have to stand up and fight for your country.

I would go on, but because I am limited for time, I will let others take the other issues.

God Bless,

Esther said...

Well put Tracy. Mahalo for your comment.