Friday, November 07, 2008

Forced to Serve... the New America.

Creative Minority Report - Compulsory Obama Youth Not Kidding


Marie said...

I have already seen little children singing for Obama and my father asked if America was turning into North Korea?

I am not going to be 'positive' about Obama he will be an horrendous President and will impliment FOCA about the ONLY time he will keep his 'word.'

God did not vote for Hitler, HE did not vote for Mussolini, God did not vote for Obama...MAN DID!

Unfortunately those who have enough sense NOT to vote for this murderer will have to live with the consequences of those who did.

My heart goes out to those who voted for LIFE and my prayers for those who voted for DEATH.

I have written my last political post in defense of Sarah Palin. I hope you will let me know what you think?

Peace and much love to you hon:)

Marie xooxoxoxo

Michele said...

good morning esther!! how are you? how is beautiful hawaii? :) you have fulton sheen on your sidebar, i've heard a lot about him. do you have any books about him, or what he wrote? if any? if so, can you come to saint philomena's garden and post it? thanks! doesn't matter what post you pick either:) your blog looks as lovely as it ever does:) God bless you!


EC Gefroh said...

Marie, I cannot add to anything you wrote. I agree with you. I know we have to pray for the new president. And, I will have to soon. Right now, I find it difficult to do so.

Marilena, I will be right over.

Glenna said...

A friend & I were laughing (secretly) the other day about the admonishment to "Pray for O". It reminded us of the line from Fiddler on the Roof where the rabbi says, "Yes, we should pray for the czar...God bless & keep the czar, far away from us." :)

EC Gefroh said...

G, LOL. Thanks for the laugh.