Monday, November 03, 2008

Margaret Sanger's Interview with Mike Wallace

Video is here

I found this video at Priests for Life


Jean Heimann said...

This is an amazing and enlightening interview, Esther! It shows just how deceptive, wicked, and selfish this woman is. She tries to come across as someone who helps others in distress and as someone who has noble motives, when she is in it for her own selfish motives. She reminds me of someone else today -- how about the selfish and self-centered Barack Obama who claims to be a servant of the people but is in the Presidential race for his own self-serving motives. Both he and Margaret Sanger are both: deceptive,compulsive liars who have no morals and no respect for marriage, the family, and human life. They are also both members of the same religion - "Planned Parenthood".

EC Gefroh said...

Jean, I had the same sense as I was watching it.