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U.S. Bishops List - Standing Up For Life - UPDATED

Bishop Prolife

Updated 11/4/08 Thanks to Fredi for the list of Illinois Bishops.

Update: Every time I add a new Bishop, the list will be updated.

This list was updated October 30th using Inside Catholic's most recent List

It was becoming difficult to keep tract of all the bishops' prolife stance. So yesterday I got the idea of putting together a list of Bishops who have spoken out during this election season or when pro abortion Catholic politicians obstinately publicly announced their own ideas on abortion. Of course, it will be difficult to cover each diocese in each state. However, I try to have at least one diocese representing each individual state.

Interestingly, today there was an article by LifeSiteNews - 50 Bishops Say Abortion Most Important Issue in U.S. Election.

The following is the list of the U.S. Bishops who have either spoken out during this election, have corrected pro-abortion politicians or whose diocese are involved in prolife work such as 40 Days for Life.

- Diocese of Birmingham Bishop Robert J. Baker


- Diocese of Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead

- Diocese of Little Rock Bishop Anthony B. Taylor

- Archdiocese of San Francisco Archbishop George H. Niederauer

- Diocese of Colorado Springs Bishop Michael J. Sheridan
- Archdiocese of Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput
- Archdiocese of Denver Auxiliary Bishop James Conley

- Archdiocese of Hartford Archbishop Henry J. Mansell

- Diocese of Wilmington Bishop W. Francis Malooly

- Archdiocese of Miami John C. Favalora - Archdiocese of Miami"> Auxiliary Bishop Felipe J. Estevez
- Archdiocese of Miami Auxiliary Bishop John G. Noonan
- Diocese of Orlando Bishop Bishop Thomas Wenski
- Diocese of Palm Beach Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito
- Diocese of Pensacola - Tallahassee Bishop John H. Ricard, SSJ
- Diocese of St. Augustine Bishop Victor Galeone
- Diocese of St. Petersburg Bishop Robert N. Lynch
- Diocese of Venice Frank J. Dewane

- Archdiocese of Atlanta Archbishop Gregory D. Wilton

- Bishop Clarence (Larry) Silva


- Diocese of Belleville Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton
- Archdiocese of Chicago Archbishop Francis George
- Archdiocese of Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Most Reverend Gustavo Garcia-Siller
- Archidocese of Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Most Reverend Francis J. Kane
- Archdiocese of Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Most Reverend John R. Manz
- Archdiocese of Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Most Reverend Thomas J. Paprocki
- Archdiocese of Chicago Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry
- Archdiocese of Chicago Most Reverend George J. Rassas
- Diocese of Joliet Bishop J. Peter Sartain
- Diocese of Peoria Most Reverend Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C.
- Diocese of Rockford Bishop Thomas G. Doran
- Diocese of Springfield Bishop George J. Lucas
- St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy in Chicago Most Reverend Richard S. Seminack
- St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago Most Reverend Mar Jacob Angadiath
- Archdioese of Indianapolis Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein

- Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana Bishop William L. Higi
- Diocese of Sioux City Bishop R. Walker Nickless

- Diocese of Dodge City Bishop Ronald M. Gilmore
- Diocese of Kansas City Bishop Joseph F. Naumann
- Diocese of Salina Bishop Paul S. Coakley
- Diocese of Wichita Bishop Michael O. Jackels


- Diocese of Lake Charles Glen John Provost, D.D.
- Archdiocese of New Orleans Archbishop Alfred C. Hughes


- Archdiocese of Baltimore Archbishop Edwin Frederick O'Brien

- Archdiocese of Boston Sean Cardinal O'Malley
- Diocese of Springfield Bishop Timothy A. McDonnell
- Diocese of Worchester Bishop Robert J. McManus

- Archdiocese of Detroit Adam Cardinal Maida
- Diocese of Lansing Bishop Earl Boyea
- Diocese of Marquette Bishop Alexander K. Sample
- Diocese of Saginaw Bishop Robert J. Carlson

- Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis Archbishop John C. Nienstedt


- Diocese of Kansas City/St. Joseph Bishop Robert W. Finn
- Diocese of Springfield - Cape Girardeau Bishop James V. Johnston
- Diocese of St. Louis Archdiocese Adminstrator Bishop Robert J. Hermann


- Diocese of Lincoln Bishop W. Fabian Bruskewitz
- Archdiocese of Omaha Archbishop Elden F. Curtiss


New Hampshire:

New Jersey:
- Diocese of Camden Bishop Joseph Galante
- Archdiocese of Newark Archbishop John J. Myers
- Diocese of Paterson Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli
- Diocese of Trenton Bishop John M. Smith

New Mexico:
- Archdiocese of Santa Fe Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan

New York:
- Diocese of Albany Bishop Howard J. Hubbard
- Diocese of Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio
- Archdiocese of New York - Edward Cardinal Egan
- State of New York Catholic Bishops
- Diocese of Rockville Center Bishop William Murphy

- Joint Statement by 22 New York Bishops

North Carolina:
- Diocese of Charlotte Bishop Peter J. Jugis JCD
- Diocese of Raleigh Bishop Michael F. Burbidge

North Dakota:
- Diocese of Fargo Bishop Samuel Aquila

- Archdiocese of Cincinnati while Diocese of Duluth Bishop Dennis M. Schnurr
- Diocese of Cleveland Bishop Richard G. Lennon
- Diocese of Toledo Bishop Leonard P. Blair

- Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Archbishop Eusubius J. Beltran
- Diocese of Tulsa Bishop Edward J. Slattery

- Diocese of Baker Bishop Robert Vasa
- Ardiocese of Portland Archbishop John Vlazny

- Diocese of Greensburg Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt
- Diocese of Harrisburg Bishop Kevin C. Rhodes
- Diocese of Pittsburgh Bishop David A. Zubik
- Archdiocese of Philadelphia Justin Cardinal Rigali
- Diocese of Scranton Bishop Joseph F. Martino
- Joint Statement by 16 Bishops

Rhode Island:
-Diocese of Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin

South Carolina:

South Dakota:
- Diocese of Rapid City Bishop Blase J. Cupich
- Diocese of Sioux Falls Bishop Paul J. Swain

- Diocese of Amarillo Bishop Patrick J. Zurek and retired bishop John Yanta
- Diocse of Austin Bishop Gregory Aymond
- Diocese of Corpus Christi Bishop Rene H. Gracida
- Diocese of Dallas/Fort Worth Bishop Kevin Farrell and Bishop Kevin Vann
- Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
- Archdiocese of San Antonio Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, S.T.D., and Bishop Oscar Cantú, D.D.



- Diocese of Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde
- Diocese of Richmond Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo

- Archdiocese of Seattle Archbishop Alex J. Brunett

West Virginia:

- Diocese of Green Bay Bishop David Ricken
- Diocese of LaCrosse Bishop Jerome E. Listecki
- Diocese of Madison Bishop Robert C. Morlino
- Diocese of Milwaukee Bishop Timothy M. Dolan


District of Columbia:
- Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Auxiliary Bishop Martin D. Holley
- Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl

- Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura Archbishop Raymond Burke


Easter Almuena said...

Esther, praise God for Life Site News, but I must say: Thank you, dear friend, for all your hard work in originally tracing those different sites." You are doing a great job posting, collating, etc. to inform us of what we need to know, hear, do, etc...

You are an inspiration. God bless you abundantly, Esther!

Anonymous said...

You might want to add Bishop Robert J. Carlson of the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan. Way back in Fall, 2006, he wrote the following:

Anonymous said...

This is impressive. It gives a lot of hope.

EC Gefroh said...

Thanks Easter! I appreciate your kind words.

Jack, thanks!

It sure does!

Marie said...


God bless you hon for being so staunchly PRO-LIFE and a Defender of the Unborn.

I will keep praying that Americans will VOTE for LIFE!

Peace and much love to you:)

Marie xooxoxoxo

Therese said...

how wonderful that the US Bishops are speaking out.

I think this blog is hot. Come and collect your award from my blog.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to see there are Bishops out there who are standing up for Life. Over here the silence from our priests & bishops (regarding the abortion bill) was deafening.
Many of us in Aus are praying - rosaries and in front of the Blessed Sacrament - for your presidential election.
God Bless you.

EC Gefroh said...

Thanks Aussie bloggers! We need your prayers.

And, thanks Therese. I really appreciate it.

Charlotte said...

Esther, I disagree strongly with Archbishop Dolan's (WI) inclusion on the list. If you read the linked article, he's not REALLY defending life in the way that the others are. I don't think I'm splitting hairs in saying so. I'm also not trying to hold the other bishops up on a pedastel, but if you compare this ONE article with what many of the other bishops have said, it's pathetic. Anyway, you asked if I sent my blog entry about this to Archbishop Dolan, and yes, I did.

EC Gefroh said...

Charlotte, I am posting your objection. However, Archbishop Dolan did not keep silent.

Fredi said...

Hi Esther,

There is also a Joint Statement by the bishops of Illinois (14 bishops)

A Message from the Catholic Bishops of Illinois

I also have a list here.

EC Gefroh said...

Thanks so much Fredi!