Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Politician's Promise: No Right to Life! No Freedom!

by Paterson Diocese Bishop Serratelli A Politician's Promise: No Right to Life! No Freedom!

I'm ashamed to admit that though this was in my hometown's diocese's website, I found this through Father Z's blog

We need to keep speaking out against a pro-death politician being president!


Marie said...

I have to admit I have taken a break from politics and gone into Royalty quite a contrast lol.

But in all seriousness despite the monetary woes or peoples unhappiness with McCain/Palin they ARE the Pro-Life candidates.

The unborn depend on YOUR vote to LIVE! It is that simple!

Peace and love to you Esther:)

Marie oxoxoxoxo

Esther said...

I would love to take time off from posting on politics too Marie. Unfortunately as you are well aware, this is a life and death election. We have to wake up sleeping Americans who think a little money in the bank is more important than human life.

God bless you my friend.