Saturday, October 18, 2008

Comments on Susan G. Komen Foundation's Donations

I received an anonymous comment to the following Race for the Cure - Supporters of Planned Parenthood. Since the tone of the comment was angry I didn't approve it. Instead, I forwarded it to my husband and son. My son said I should response to it. But I think he did a fine job of doing that for me.

First the comment:
"shame on you. shame shame shame. I am also a cancer survivor. My sister has had breast cancer. It has almost killed an old girl friend, destroying her life. It has struck many dear friends. We do not have a hissy fit about fighting evil.

My son's response:
Hi Mommy.

Saving the lives of babies is not an issue of political correctness. It is a moral responsibility for everyone. We have no problem with donating money to support cures for cancer as long as our money does not go to help the killing of innocents. It is absolutely twisted that the money we donate to save lives is being used to end them. Abortions result in a dead baby and causes a host of problems, physical and psychological, for the mother. The money we donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help women ends up hurting them.

This can be a response to this comment. Please correct it for factual errors and add your own touch to it.

I love you.

I am happy that my teen son gets it.


Anonymous said...

Cancer is a horrible disease of the body. Yes, we should try to find a cure.

Abortion is an even more horrible disease of the heart, mind and soul because it numbs us to the slaughter of innocent children in the name of 'cure' or 'choice' or 'ending poverty'. It is a kind of selfishness that declares that one human's life & suffering are more important than another's suffering and their life. It is in a very different strata from 'politically correct'.

I imagine the horror any living person would have if they were told by a doctor or scientist, "I must kill you right now by ripping you apart alive and harvesting your body parts and cells in order to save this woman, here. Her life is worth more to us than yours."

Yet that is exactly what killing a child for 'research' or 'cure' or 'poverty' or whatever other excuse we use is in a nutshell. Those who advocate aborting children and using their bodies for these purposes are saying exactly this: my life (or my sister's life, or my mother's life) is worth more than your life. Their terror in their disease needs quelling more than your terror as you are vivisected or suctioned apart alive. I can see their suffering, I know my own suffering, but can not see yours, so you need to die and give us our life back."

God bless you Esther & Joey.

And I will also pray for the poor soul who wrote to you for healing and a deep understanding of the sin and dehumanizing affects of abortion. She offered her prayer; may God use that time with Him for her great good.

Therese said...

I think the anonymous commenter must have missed where you wrote that seeking a cure is a good thing.

This is just like people advocating for embryonic stem cell research for a cure for diabetes. One person I know said it is okay for those out there to say they think it is immoral to use embryos but they don't live with the disease. Well I do live with it and I think that a cure should be looked for in other ways and think that esc research is immoral too.

It is quite ironic that the Susan G Koman Foundation supports PP when statistics show breast cancer is linked to abortion.

Therese said...

PS. Great response from Joey. You have done a good job raising him Esther.

Charlotte said...

This is possibly a trite or cliche thing to say, but oh well, here goes: At least the person with cancer was given the chance to live in the first place. They have at least had a life prior to cancer, and for many, they have survived cancer and continue to have a life. People often mourn and lament the fact that so much of a life/future/opportunity is lost when a person with cancer dies. Can't these same people understand that we feel exactly the same way about the lost life/potential of those babies who weren't even able to be born? You cannot cure cancer - as in, give life back to a person - by destroying or taking away another life in exchange. That's not a cure and that's only giving hope to 1/2 of the people in this equation.

Anonymous said...

Great response from your son. My son (just turned 17) gets it too. He is so pro life .... I don't know, but from what I'm seeing of our youth at the moment they are understanding it more than those pro-abortionsist adults out there.(I refuse to use the term pro-choice). If they are having success with adult stem cell reasearch, why oh why do they need to persist with esc.... it is beacause they are blinded to the truth.
And yes, we must keep praying for these souls - that hearts and minds will be open to the truth.
God Bless,

Easter Almuena said...

I have known Esther for many years now and I can openly say that she is a person of dignity and grace. She is compassionate, sincere, generous, loving and one who is always ready to extend a helping hand.

I don't think that my good friend,
Esther, will ever turn her back on those who have cancer. That is so unlike her. Should she encounter a cancer patient linked to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I can assure you that Esther would be the first to pray and extend help to that person. What she is pointing out here so very clearly is that she will not support a foundation that supports and funds abortion.

To the one who commented harshly to Esther's original post on the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Donations: Sir, I am deeply sorry for your loss. However, I suggest as a sister in Christ, that you do your research on abortion thoroughly. And please consider writing to the foundation to stop its funding of abortion.

God's love, wisdom and truth be yours, dear brother in Christ.

Easter Almuena said...

Oh Joey, straight to the point... great job!

EC Gefroh said...

Shana, Joey was impressed by your arguments. Mahalo.

Therese, unfortunately people read what they want to read. You are correct, I do want them to find a cure for cancer. I was not arguing that. There is a prolife alternative to the Race for the Cure as I posted originally.

Thank you also for your kind words to Joey.

Charlotte, so true.

Hi Elena, thanks for commenting. I think it is people like our teens that will bring this world to be more prolife. I also saw a very good commercial on EWTN where they report that there has been more progress made with Adult Stem Cells than with ESC.

Easter, thank you for defending me. You are a true friend :-)

Joey says thanks :-)