Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Troublemakers in Church

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The pastor did not give out Holy Communion yesterday. I'm sure none of us really thought much of it since he has had a cold. An extraordinary minister of Holy Communion instead gave out Communion.

Later though Father addressed the fact that he had not given out Holy Communion because he did in fact have a cold. He sadly told us that someone had reported him to the bishop for letting an EMHC give out Holy Communion instead of him.

1. Going behind someone's back to complain is always cowardly.

2. We should be grateful we have a priest who joyfully and with a deep love of the Holy Eucharist, celebrates Mass week after week; hears confessions whenever someone asks, etc. May I remind you that many churches offer a Communion service instead of daily Mass because of a lack of priests.

3. Bothering the bishop when he has many more important things to deal with is just wrong. This will only diminish the importance of a more serious grievance or problem the next time.

Next time, please talk to the priest first in a kind and Christian-like manner.


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