Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Humor Break

Pew sitters

Mahalo to The Ironic Catholic for the laugh.


A Bit of the Blarney said...

Pretty funny...but oh how true! Like your daisy! Cathy

Tracy said...

lol, this is way true!!

Marie said...

LOL Esther

I remember once sitting in a pew as a couple stood and glared at me and told me I was sitting in 'their pew.' I bent forward and began to scutinise the back of the pews and when they asked what I was doing I told them I was looking for their name...And no they didn't get the humour of it LOL!

With love and laughs

marie xoxoxoxoxo

Therese said...

friends of ours moved into a new parish and when they went to Sunday mass they sat in one of the pews at the front of the church.

Someone approached them and asked them to move because it was the nun's pew. Only problem was, no nuns had been in the parish for years.

Ellen said...

Ah, this is a common sight when your parish merges with another. And the looks you get! It's amazing how "un-Christian" some people can be when you "invade" their space.

Anonymous said...


I am one of those creatures of habit that likes to sit in the same place every week. I would never give someone a dirty look, just make sure to be there even earlier next week! We usually get there early anyway because someone is serving in some capacity somewhere from our family.

It's not my proudest admission, but we're allowed to have a couple of those oddities, right?

TracyW., who is now wondering if she should go to confession regarding her pew posession (or would that be obsession?)!

Mimi said...


EC Gefroh said...

Ha ha ha I see we can all relate to this one.
Thanks Cathy!