Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Petition to Withhold Holy Communion from CINOs.

H/T to Some Have Hats

Pewsitter has started a Petition to Withhold Holy Communion from prominent dissident Catholics.

I have not signed the petition...yet. I am also not asking any of my readers to do so either. That is entirely up to you.

Although, I feel it is scandalous that these public "Catholic" figures continue to thumb their nose at the Catholic church, and still have the nerve (I wanted to use a well-known Yiddish term here but I think it is a bad word), to go up to receive our Lord's Body in Holy Communion, ... do we have the right to petition our bishops to act?

I really don't know. I would think the bishops are well aware how they have to follow the church's teachings and guidelines for dealing with unrepentant Catholics, without the laity getting involved.

I know my own husband is becoming very outspoken in calling for these "Catholics'" excommunication.

But as far as I am know, the Church isn't run that way.


Jean Heimann said...


I believe the way the Church views it is that these politicians have created public scandal and have excommunicated themselves.

However, unless the Church officially speaks out publicly against their behavior, it appears that the Church is condoning the wrong-doing. This leads more and more people into serious sin.

No, the Church doesn't normally change their rules or the way they operate on the basis of petitions. However, something needs to be done about this horrific and scandalous situation.

I am happy to see that more of the Bishops are finally speaking out publicly now, but it's too little way too late.

Look at all the babies and mothers that have been butchered by this failure to speak out and all the souls that have been lost.

I am happy that the Holy Father is meeting with Nancy Pelosi and pray that something good will come out of their meeting.

I believe this petition is a desperate attempt on the part of those who are angered by the dissenting Catholics' desecration of the Holy Eucharist and their public scandal which has perpetuated our culture of death.

Something must be done. God knows that we pray for them daily.

Some priests and bishops are still out there condoning their behavior and saying there is nothing wrong with abortion, giving them Communion. We both know that it's not right.

Maybe this is the only way left (in addition to prayer) to draw attention to the problem.

Anonymous said...

Esther: You're giving the bishops a lot more credit than some of them deserve! You sound like you are younger than me so maybe you don't remember when the Church wasn't as wimpy as it is today. We need to return to our former disciplines - pronto!

I've reached the point where I no longer have any tolerance for any liberals - so long I have put up with them and watched them almost destroy our Church. I would much rather they leave and start their own sect (and take their priestesses with them) because they are obstinate in their refusal to be Catholic.

I agree with Jean - too little too late. Plus, if after her meeting the our Holy Father Holy Communion is still given to Mrs. Pelosi, it will cause further scandal to the laity and further weaken any authority left in the Church. We must go back to the old ways. The present day Church is out of control.