Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You might be hardcore Catholic if...

Jackie's friend shared the following with her and Leander shared the email with me.

- you've accidentally genuflected at a place other than church ex. the movie theatre, school auditorium

-you're sick of being asked why priests can't be married

-you have a "favorite" religious order

-you say the meal prayer no matter where you are

-you have a nativity set at your house during Christmas, and have also played with it.

-you've accidentally made the sign of the cross when leaving regular buildings (Note from Esther: actually I cross myself when I pass the bank or the library)

-you know that advent is the beginning of the new church year.

-You know at least five people named Mary

-You can name off all the Joyful, Glorious, Sorrowful, and Luminous mysteries.

-one or more of your friends entered the seminary or the convent

-you have 20+ cousins.

-your mom is currently pregnant

-you and your spouse practice NFP

-you believe in Purgatory and know it's important to pray for the souls who are currently in Purgatory

-you live chastity and are saving yourself for your future spouse.

-you're able to sit still for a full hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament

-you are discerning the religious life

-you often end disputes with, "Let's look it up in the Catechism."

-you and your friends have shown up at Adoration at 4:00 in the morning

-when watching star wars and hear "may the force be with you" you respond with "and also with you"

-your mom always says "4 kids, Catholic" (Thanks to Jim Benedick)

-you have participated in sword fights using Palms on Passion Sunday

-you and friend friends ever played "Mass" instead of House, or Cops and Bad Guys

-You have your own designated seat at Mass

-they know you at every Catholic bookstore in the area, and ask you where you’ve been if you haven’t stopped by in a while.

-you're named after a saint, not a family member.

-you get excited about going to mass

-you arrive at Mass half an hour early to get a good seat and talk to Jesus

-your mom always makes sure to celebrate your feast day

-altar serving was the cool thing to do

-you point at your friends in line for confession calling them sinners and everyone laughs as you get to the end of line

-Your teachers grade you down when you write papers about moral issues and papers involving God

-You never eat before church, and brunch afterwards is always the best! (Thanks to Larry Perez)

-Your first serious conversation you have with a potential girl/boyfriend involves your conversion story

-You lie awake at night wondering why the St. Michael Prayer was removed from the end of Mass

-The word "vocation" to you does not simply mean "job"

-People tend you look in your direction in class whenever anything involving religion comes up

-You have a Rosary or Saint Christopher pin in your car

-One of your Crucifixes has five years worth of dried out palms stuck behind it.

-You have more than one Rosary hanging from your bed.

-You have contemplated being in a religious order at least once.

-you say "God bless you" anytime anyone sneezes, out of habit

-you have had multiple meetings with the priest at your own will

-You had competitions with your friends on Ash Wednesday to see who could keep their ashes on the longest

-You still write "Your Kingdom Come!" or "JMJ" at the top of your page/letter/report/test

-You know that some Catholics don't eat meat on Wednesdays or Fridays, even not during Lent.

-you get really excited over a holy day of obligation

-if you are tired of people referring to the birth of Jesus the immaculate conception

-you've ever been told my your mom, "Offer it up", and then felt very obliged to do so

-when discussing possible names for your future children with friends or your future spouse, you start ruling out names that aren't virtues, saints, or biblical

-You plan what to wear based on the liturgical color of the day

-you were disappointed when you couldn't find a catholic version of trivia pursuit

-You know that "prostrate" is not a place where men develop cancer

-Instead of change, you find a rosary under your couch cushions.

-you have at one point had to stop a younger sibling from playing in the holy water font.

And guess what I found over at Karen's blog? Yes, more....

The following is one she shared:

You have had a pet blessed. Your pet even got a St. Francis Medal. Well, you did, but you still consider it *her* medal.
You'll have to visit her blog for the rest. They are funny!


Soutenus said...

This was great! Thanks for sharing it and Karen's list!

Tracy said...

I love it.. may I post it on my blog as well?

teresa_anawim2 said...

It was like looking in my mirror and laughing like crazy! Guilty! LOL

Lisa said...

LOL! These are great! I'm proud to say we qualify... &:o)

Maryellen said...

Hubby and I both qualify. LOL. Thanks for the chuckles.

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks! And if you think of any more please add them!!!

Joeysmom said...

LOL. Glad you had as much fun as I did reading them all!

Karen, thank you!