Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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The following is a recent article by Joel Turtel
Homeschooling (or low-cost internet private schools), can have the following extraordinary benefits for you and your children:

1. Be with Your Family
2. Set Your Own Schedule
3. Vacation When You Want
4. Choose curriculum that best suits the needs of your child
5. Be totally aware of the state and progress of your child's education
6. Keep your child away from un-necessary peer pressure
7. Keep your child away from the bad influence of other children
8. Love, nurture, and teach your child the character and morals you value most
9. Make learning fun
10. Make learning as "experiential" as you want...
To read the entire list of 54 reasons, check out the article.

Today was a typical day of homeschooling. Joey attended his astronomy class at the university. Upon arriving home, I asked if he would like to take a break and run some errands with me. So off we went walking. We ended up getting our hair cut, getting our dog treats made in the USA and picking up a tasty little lunch. On the way we met some friends and chatted with them. When we got home, we had lunch. Then Joey started doing his regular homeschooling work.

By 1:35pm, his homeschooling day was finished. It is now 2pm and he is blogging for fun.

Tomorrow is his Saint's Name day (St. Joseph the Worker). We might just head of to morning Mass and then celebrate with breakfast out.

You can't do things like that with your child if he or she attends a regular school.

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