Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ah, The Little Things That Make Me Happy - LISTS!

And, a site about Lists and nothing but Lists!

I am going to reveal a secret. I have a new favorite website. It is called the List Universe.

The following are a few interesting lists from that site:

Top 15 Banned Literary Classics

Top 10 Books That Changed the World

The Top 10 Tips for Homeschoolers

Top 10 Hitchcock Movies and I think I saw them all and loved them!

Top 10 Horror Movies and with the exception of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I saw them all. Loved them!

Anyway, there's a lot more and I could spend a lot of time if I let myself. But go on and see for yourselves.

Caution: Not all lists are for family viewing. Please view with care.


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