Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Frailty of Human Nature

The following is from Part I Conversion, Chapter 9 of My Daily Bread by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood.

...all human beings are weak. Do not think that you are stronger than others...

...See how often you are troubled by a small matter? At times you resolve to become a better man. Then along comes a small temptation, and away goes your resolution. Just when you think you are safe, when you least expect it, you find yourself pushed over by a slight temptation. Even when you do not give full consent to it, your feelings and desires confuse you. Hateful imaginations rush in on you and refuse to leave...

...You often tend toward what is wrong. You confess your sins today, and tomorrow you commit the same faults again. You resolve to be on your guard, and an hour later you act as though you had never made the resolution. You are so weak and unsteady. It is only right then, that you should humble yourself and refuse to think too highly of yourself...

...You do not remain in the same state of mind for any length of time. Your moods and attitudes change with the changing hours of the day. If you would only turn to Me! I can help you rise above these changing moods. Let your heart turn to Me and find its rest in Me.

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