Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Declaration of Independence and the Arizona Memorial

Today KITV reported that an original copy of the Declaration of Indepence was making a brief visit to Hawaii.

As providence would have it, my son's class was cancelled today. So as soon as he returned home, we hightailed it over to the Arizona Memorial. We actually said a Hail Mary that we:  1. would find parking 2. it wouldn't be so crowded. Usually, the Arizona Memorial gets many visitors, mostly tourist on a daily basis.

Our prayers were answered. When we arrived we were the only ones to view this piece of American History and even had the assigned guards tell talk to us a bit. It was awesome to see this document so close.  I also felt like touching it like I would a relic of a saint!

Here are some photos:

My son and I were amazed on how much the visitor center had changed since we were last there.  It was so spacious and well-planned. We no longer got the feeling of being herded like cattle until it was our turn to get on the ferry.

The Arizona Memorial

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