Monday, November 29, 2010

My Advent Reflection - Forgiveness

Sacred Heart Church Nascent Vigil for Life

It is the Monday of the first week of Advent. I wrote part of the following in Church early in the morning.

There is a peaceful stillness surrounding me this early morning prior to Mass. It is during this time, that I spend in quiet company of our Lord. It is very easy to feel love in His presence. Yet, I realize that once I leave that sanctuary, the real world will bombard me with the troubles of the day. At the moment, I feel at peace, having had my sins cleansed "by the Blood of the Lamb", a couple of days ago, I can promise Him that I will not offend him anymore. How long will it be before I fail to keep my promise?; once again doing something that will offend our God.

The inevitability of my sins due to my weak nature does not really disturb me. Instead it gives me the strength and conviction I need to try even harder to overcome my habitual sins. I am comforted by the promises of His Divine Mercy. He will forgive me again and again as long as I resolve myself to sin no more and more importantly to feel true sorrow for my sins.

The part of the Act of Contrition that we pray "...and to avoid near occasions of sins..." would mean that I would have to avoid people in general. That would not be either helpful to my spiritual well being or realistic. Instead, it would be more helpful to ask God, His mother and the saints, to help me see others as Jesus' sees them. Overcoming pride and actively embracing humility will be more effective in this case.

Come Lord Jesus and continue to fill me with the joy of your coming that when I greet you, you will notice that I have made an honest effort to overcome the sins that hold me back from loving You completely.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Inspiring reflection..

EC Gefroh said...

Thanks Jackie.