Monday, November 29, 2010

25 Ideas for Advent Calender or Straw for Creche

Sacred Heart Church, Honolulu
The following are suggestions I wrote out for our Advent Calender last year.  Even though the first day of Advent was yesterday, there is still time to use these suggestions for your family's Advent Calender or to fill the Baby's Jesus' manger with straw. For those of you not familiar with this Advent tradition, you can get an idea of what I mean here.

These suggestions were written for an older teen and adults. You may have to adapt some of them if you have younger children in the home.

Day 1. I will wait 15 minutes before drinking something, especially if I am very thirsty.

Day 2. I will acknowledge Christ in a person by smiling at someone even if they do not smile back.

Day 3. I will offer my help to a member of my family.

Day 4. I will visit the Blessed Sacrament just to say "Thank you Lord!".

Day 5. I will do a random act of kindness.

Day 6. I will say a prayer for a forgotten member of my family.

Day 7. I will read a page from the Imitation of Christ.

Day 8. I will avoid listening to gossip.

Day 9. I will be extra kind to the person who annoys me the most.

Day 10. I will skip coffee or a favorite beverage today.

Day 11. I will listen to Catholic hymns instead of secular music.

Day 12. I will quiet my mind and pray the Hail Mary once, asking our Lady to show me how to be more like her.

Day 13. I will say a prayer for a forgotten friend.

Day 14. I will make a list of my sins in preparation for confession.

Day 15. I will say a prayer for a poor soul in Purgatory.

Day 16. I will say a prayer for someone who has hurt me.

Day 17. I will share with my family a special treat.

Day 18. I will make a list of God's blessings He has bestowed on me.

Day 19. I will not nag a loved one.

Day 20. I will skip lunch today.

Day 21. I will save $5.00 to give to a homeless person.

Day 22. I will do a chore I do not like to do, without being asked.

Day 23. I will pray an extra Rosary for persecuted Christians.

Day 24. I will give donate an item I like to someone less fortunate.

Day 25. I will attend Christmas Mass and I will pay extra attention to Christ's sacrifice.

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